Coming Soon: Arduino Contest

For all you Arduino fans out there, we're going to have an Arduino contest coming to the site soon. I can't give out any dates or prizes yet, but the only requirement for the contest will be that it involves Arduino in some way. What you do with the Arduino is completely up to you. More information soon.

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AndyGadget8 years ago
How about extending this to ANY microcontroller based project to extend the appeal and range of entries (or is the main prize sponsor an Arduino supplier)?
I agree
I agree.
jeff-o Ethanal8 years ago
That would be nice...
I like that idea!
i agree too
jlafay8 years ago
Count me in please!
ikestarm178 years ago
Woah, I just got an arduino not too long ago and was like, "I wish they made a contest on instructables for it to give me some motivation to make something" I didn't think it would happen though. Thank you instructables
I had the same problem!
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