Coming Soon: Stuff On A Stick Contest

Coming soon a new contest from Instructables: Stuff On A Stick!

We are hosting a contest that features our favorite food item, stuff on sticks. From cakes to pies to ice cream sandwiches (How Do They Work??) we want your best food items... ON STICKS!

The contest will start july 25th, giving you enough time to eat a few boxes of Popsicles.

Here are some good on stick projects:
Cake Pops
Pie Pops
Ice Cream sandwich on a stick
Giant Gummy Bear on a stick
Minnesota State Fair on a stick

This is a speed contest so it won't run for very long, so get crackin'! Good Luck!

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I dont lose my appetite that easily, and... i just did after that video -_-'... Poor Chicky xD
Kryptonite7 years ago
Ooooook, now I've finished that extremely long and amusing video: Any one care for McDonald's on a stick? :D
McDonald's on a stick?

I have seen a burger joint on stilts, would that count?
Nope, it has to Ronald himself ;-)
I'll give a patch to anyone who films themselves eating a Big Mac on a stick.
I work at McDonalds, so guess what I'm going to order next time after work! :D
Ha, sounds good! Make sure you document it, and I'll see about preparing a patch...
Preparing a batch? Of Big Macs on a stick? Tough...
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