Cool tricks!

I was wondering if anyone has some neat tips or tricks that you would like to share. Example - You can use a toy electric motor as an electric generator, and as a speaker.

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Skyfinity10 years ago
Once, I made a speaker out of a plastic cup, an audio jack, a magnet, a brass brad and a few feet of magnet wire. It's a really neat trick, and I think there are a few links out there. Try googling it.
Sedgewick17 (author) 10 years ago
Conductive paint and glue.Where did you see that?
conductive glue.
can't find the other one, but metallic paint conducts a bit.
Try This:

--Super Shield conductive nickel paint
This can be found at electronics parts stores. It's usually used to add RF shielding to plastic cases. We will be using it because it's electrically conductive.
Brennn1010 years ago
You can detect a counterfeit bill with a magnet. A battery from coins and salt paper, (my instructable), make your radio able to get the aircraft radio broadcast receiver, ummm, oh yea! Coins area good weapon, if you throw them at people, it hurts.
royalestel10 years ago
Did you see the conductive paint, conductive glue? Thought that was cool. An electric motor as a speaker? That's some cool sideways thinking!
If you have a motor, attach the two leads from one of the headphone buds, to the two solder points on the motor. Put it next to a Styrofoam cup, and put your ear to it. The vibrations of the motor produce the noise, which is then amplified by the cup. I have one next to me.
The fun part is that a speaker can usually be used as a microphone, too. And vice versa.