DIY Metal Rubber Band Gun

This rubber band gun works just like the wooden ones you've probably seen. The difference is that this is made of metal, has a safety, and includes a flashlight and laser sight. OK, just a wee bit over the top, but impressive.

via bbgadgets

Picture of DIY Metal Rubber Band Gun
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BoiseTyler8 years ago
I've posted the plans for this gun on my site so everyone can make their own :)
Projects In Metal Screenshot 2.JPG
I've tried to download the plans and they are all blacked out except for some dimensions
wiillii7 years ago
awesome how can ı make or buy it?
freakin awesome!
that is soo cool can you maby put some for sale or maby on E BAY:):0 OR YOUR GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kryptonite9 years ago
sweet gun, very nice. Although, can u post an
instructable on how to make it?
yea good point wat a dig dong lol
Ahh, erm, my fault, he didn't post an instructable because it wasn't his. My fault.
fungus amungus (author)  Kryptonite9 years ago
If I had made it? Sure. Forum posts are often for pointing out other cool things happening in the DIY world.
Ahhh, i see... sorry about that. I reckon i could make it over a course of a few weeks, but i haven't got the firing mechanism worked out, and i cudn't really be stuffed to look up how it works.
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