DIY mini heating element

I have a container (8cm by 8cm by cm) to store powdery food. But the food gets clumped together to the container walls. As such, I am thinking of coming up with a mini heating device to keep the container warm to prevent the clumping of the powder food. Am quite noob to this and would like to hear suggestions and ideas to come up with a simple diy device.

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I am developing a joint warmer for athletes. For example, slide it onto your calves to warm them up in a non-impact way.

I need it to be flexible, durable, and safe.

I found a component similar to a small heating blanket. How could I hook this up to an Arduino to create a product that detects when the heating component gets too hot? (So it won't burn the user.) Could I implement a timer? Or a temperature detector? How would I do this?
From reading this and from the issues your trying to fix I would go a compleatly differant route. Instead of heating it to avoid clumping, (I don't think that would work any way if its connected to a fish tank) think about using a small motor with blades attached to stir the food so it doesn't clump. If the container is round you could do that and there would be no problem. If its square then I would mod it so it was round and maybe even a funnel shaped bottom. If the motor kicked on at the same time it automaticly fed, you could use the same power and servos you already use. Just my thoughts on the issue.
Toga_Dan5 years ago
air circulation might also be important. Sometimes heat alone just makes things hot and damp. Perhaps a fishtank airpump dedicated to blowing warmed air into the bin?
kurtselva (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
Seems like a good alternative idea but this method seems a little more costly than using a heating element..
Pump $5 dunno how much shippin is

heat without airflow can also be bad re: fire hazard. I dunno how big your food bin is, but seems flaky food is an insulator. It could trap heat.
kurtselva (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
So actually what I want to know is whether heating the container will help me solve the problem of food clumping..

And if it does, are there any commercilly available mini heating element that could do the job?
Kurt, how competent are ya with electrical schtuff? Some answers I can give only work if you understand electricity.

1) understand electrical theory?

2) know how to work w/ electrical tools + materials?
kurtselva (author)  Toga_Dan5 years ago
I'm actually a mechanical engg student. But my somehow my project also involves this kinda electronic stuffs which I do not have expert knowledge in.

However, I do know some basic stuffs about elcetricity..

Hope you guys with better electronic knowledge could give me some suggestions
lemonie5 years ago
Put the container in a warm place.
Heating it electrically is something that shouldn't be done.

kurtselva (author)  lemonie5 years ago
The place of storage is in an air conditioned room with no sunlight..

So need to using a heating element would be ideal
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