Do you know some myth that the mythbusters haven't already test. Describe the myth and we will debate it whether it is possible or not.

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myth or bust

if a person pulls one grey hair? does two or more grow back in its place

do you remember on harry potter how he bent the gun and it still fired will you please test this your facebook friend cole

Do you mean the muzzle of the gun was bent and the bullet left the gun?

That couldn't have happened if the angle of the bend was too sharp. The gun would have fired, but the bullet would have stayed in the gun.

In cowboy films ricocheting bullets always make that cool petowowzzz sound, question is how do you spell that.?

oh and do bullet make that sound?

* I'm not sure how to spell that sound. try a spellchecker.

* I've heard a similar sound when ricocheting wooden beads launched from a slingshot. I figure that the projectile tumbles at high speed after glancing off somethin like concrete.

* Another weird sound is that made by bowling balls when launched through the air. The holes whistle, and as the ball turns, the sound warbles. At one point in the history of the Denver Mad Scientist's Club, we were determining the range of our air cannon. So we stood downrange with GPS in order to mark the point at which the ball landed. You could hear and see the ball in the air a long way off, so setpping out of the way wouldn't be too hard. We got about 3000 feet, or 1/2 mile.

firing bowling balls 1/2 a mile! remind me not to park at the back of the bowling ally . it really is a mad scientist club LOL

This video on youtube has been around for a while, its a wind powered car. It does my head in, it shouldnt work, but there it goes tearing across the desert upwind.

Its kind of like the "blow your own sail" myth

Couldn't the propeller be turning a drive shaft which, in turn, turns the wheels? It would work with the wind blowing in both directions but would also have its "strong" side. Just a thought.

I dont doubt that it moves, just how does it go faster than wind speed?

I know I'm late to this, but it doesn't go faster than the wind - when the wind is behind it, it crawls along. I think it may be moving purely because the wind is pushing the sails, not turning them.

As soon as it is heading into the wind, the sails are being turned the right way for driving the wheels, so the vehicle picks up speed (although the featureless terrain makes it very hard to tell exactly how much speed).

It still does my head in...


Kiteman3 years ago

I was watching the "supersonic pingpong ball" this morning, and when they were having trouble getting the ball to burst through the tape on the long vacuum cannon, I found myself yelling at them not to use tape at the front: the vacuum would hold a thin sheet of acrylic in place, until the air built up in front of the moving ball, at which point the sheet would fall away, releasing the air cushion that was slowing the ball.

cowen3 years ago

Can a room be reinforced for a Tornado shelter by using bed liner spray and normal sheet rock and 2x4s

Displayer3 years ago

Id like to know if you an jump of a rock, into a river and pull a fish out of the water to take home and cook. I have seen it on ads, small movies and billboards, is it really possible?

nordesturm9 years ago
Everyone says it takes more energy to create Hydrogen gas than the amount of gas produced. However in the Civil War, Thaddeus Lowe created Hydrogen gas , several hundred thousand cubic feet per day, using iron ore and sulfiric acid. Is this a viable method of making Hydrogen gas for fuel.?
"Creating"(more appropriately freeing) Hydrogen from water using any method will consume energy.  It takes energy to make Oxygen happy when it is forced to either ionize or bond with something else.  This is because water is very energy stable, that is why it is so common. 

The method using Iron and Sulfiric Acid will consume the material used which lose this energy.  This means to produce more Hydrogen you need more iron and sulfiric acid.  These materials would then have to be liberated using electricity/energy before they can be reused.  The result is that it consumes more energy then you would get after including other factors. 

The bigger problem with hydrogen as a fuel is the difficulty in containing it.  Hydrogen has several properties that make it difficult to store.  A big one is Embrittlement.  Sadly, the only way we will likely use hydrogen as a fuel source is fusion.  Though it could easily be used in solar power generation as a chemical battery to store energy for use during low output times.

Right now, the most efficient method in use to produce Hydrogen in large quantities uses Fossil Fuels.  See HERE
 I wonder what we could use to contain hydrogen. Instead of your usual steel tank (which suffers from embrittlement), use a steel tank with a modified inner lining. Like a glass lined tank or something. Or maybe use a ceramic lining. 

carbon nanotubes allow more H2 to be stored without so much pressure. I think its actually surface tension- or analagous to it.

mercuryxixi4 years ago
What you show for us is really interesting and unique.
xACIDITYx9 years ago
here is my myth: when you hold a gun upright and fire it, it kicks up. if you shoot a gun to the side, will it kick up or to the side?
Bran xACIDITYx9 years ago
When shot upwards, a gun doesn't kick up - it kicks down. Newton's Third Law of Motion.
comodore (author)  Bran9 years ago
I agree! Every reaction has an opposite and equal reaction.
Go nerds
well said but nerds will one day rule the world
xACIDITYx Bran9 years ago
Sorry to bump, but I said upright
comodore (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
???I mean upright, is that like up, action - reaction in opposite sides...
No, Upright like holding the pistol in a normal fashion.
comodore (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
Well, than it kicks towards you, in opposite side is the reaction
In reality, yes, but with the pivot of your shoulder it kicks upward.
comodore (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
i don't think so .... :[
Have you ever shot a gun?
comodore (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
No, but I believe in physics...
Well, that's why. If you haven't shot a gun, you won't know that it kicks up because it pivots on your shoulder.
Well said
That isn't kicking up words its transfer of motion... guns kick straight back and if you use a semi auto pistol it will seem like it kicks up because of the offset force of the slide or the firing mechanism. If you suspend a gun in midair and fired it it would kick straight back.
comodore (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
I does, because there is a reaction equal force that propelled the bullet... I don't say there isn't!
(I know this is a late reply) I'm gonna lay the events out step by step.
Step 1: Gun has been fired. (Assuming it was a pistol)
Step 2: Newton's law says the gun will go backwards as the bullet flies out.
Step 3: Wrist acts as a pivot that makes the pistol "kick up".
In the case of the M16 the stock is designed so there is no viable pivot to make the gun pivot. 

To answer Skate6556's question it is more likely that the gun will kick sideways. Take note that I only said "more likely" due to the fact that I haven't shot a gun myself. 
Just something I would like them to test regarding the Archimedes Solar Death Ray.

It's a solar laser okay. I know it looks weird, sorry, it's paint, I've got nothing else as a visual aid. Anyway, the weird looking egg-shaped stuff there focuses sunlight onto a mirror which then reflects the light to another mirror which combines the energy of the two collectors and sends them of to the other ship where the sailors take a dive into the abyss of shark infested waters...

I've been wanting to comment that to the Mythbusters but I don't know how, so I just told you people instead. Or maybe I should have just asked you how?
solar laser.bmp
This is a ... 'special' drawing
dude, just mean...
It was over 2 years ago... And yeah, record time: 5 seconds on that one.
they've done this already it was an epic fail
all they did was get 1 parabola and use that only parabola (except in the other revisit they used a lot of parabolas, but they didn't get the focal point right in the first place)
This myth was tested in the 2nd season in 2004 and then revisited in the 4th season in 2006.  They found that while it did produce a lot of heat and had potential it was too difficult to target a ship on the water.
I already watched those episodes. This one has the advantage of having multiple collectors so there would be more heat on 1 spot. It also has an added advantage that the last mirror could be pivoted to actually aim at the enemy ships. The only complications are aligning the mirrors and making sure the last mirror doesn't melt. Also, some guy might just step into the line of fire and may 1. Get instant sunburn or 2. Clothes catch on fire. 3. Suffer 2nd or 3rd degree burns (depending on quantity/quality/surface area etc. of the mirrors). I'll be sure to get a better visual aid so you people can better understand. 
The final lens would have to convex and the men would have to stand in very specific spots which is pretty doable.  This mirror would also get very hot as you said so it might be a good idea to cool it somehow.  Other than that, the idea is possible.  You should check out this instructable if you haven't already.  Same basic idea with a modern take:
Fresnal Death Ray
 lol, so why wouldn't the mythbusters use a Fresnel lens! and cooling the last mirror makes no sense to me because then you'll lose all the heat needed to set fire to the enemy ship. maybe I'll just find some weird heat-resistant mirror technology for the last mirror, or just regulate the heat coming out of the parabolas/lenses by covering up some parts of the collector to block some light so less heat... you get it
The mythbusters wouldn't have used this because they wanted a more plausible build.  This tech simply didn't exist during the era of the myth.  It is a cool demo of solar energy though.  Just FYI, you shouldn't need to cool the main mirror unless you are going to have 100's of secondary mirrors.  In that case, the most efficient mirror system is only 80% efficient at reflecting light(reference) so you should expect the main mirror to reach 25% the temperature of the target(likely not accurate as it just assumes all light converts to heat but good enough for quick and dirty theory).  This means if you want to burn wood(ignition temps) you would want the point of light to reach about 430 degrees celcius to cause ignition in most woods in 20 to 30 seconds.  In that time the mirror would quickly reach about 100 celcius and then get warmer over time.  All numbers are guesses but it sounds do-able as an efficient metal mirror(not glass) should be able to cope with these temperatures.  I would stick with the fresnel lens though as a lens is much more efficient at focusing light and shouldn't heat up hardly at all.  If you want to up the amount of energy focused without getting a bigger lens then you could use mirrors and the fresnel but I think you would melt the lens pretty quickly.
 Now, the ship is plastered in pitch so that should light fairly quick. The sails should also be easy to light so there is some hope for this build to work. Now, to get an e-mail the Mythbusters... somehow...
You have a point about the pitch.  According to a MSDS I found on Coal-Tar Pitch(found here) the flash point of pitch is ~200 celcius.  I can't find the flash point of canvas though.  That should make it easier.  The problem is it will likely be wet or full of salt.
 Unless some drunk guy went up to the sails and smeared pitch all over it! But then what Roman would bring wine up during an invasion? Still all the salt would cause some problems, or will it? The beam might melt the salt and molten salt will drip all over the Romans. Once again, history is written by the victors so maybe the Romans took care of Archimedes' stuff.  

Let me know if you manage to melt salt with this thing.  That would be pretty impressive since it has a really high melting point.  Besides, if you started to melt the salt then the entire ship would go up in like 3 seconds.

I think we have digressed pretty far from the original point of this thread though.  lol.
 I guess this calls for a forum
Discussion has been redirected to this forum.
PM me if and when you start one.  Sounds like it could be a good discussion.  I say keep it general, like "how do you use the sun to sink a ship?"  Should get some people in there.
anyways in nfs undergrounds intro a 2004 eclipse goes over a bridge that is raised and lands perfectly fine on the opposite side ,the jump looks a good 100 yards though...and adam and tory are awesome...
anyways in nfs undergrounds intro a 2004 eclipse goes over a bridge that is raised and lands perfectly fine on the opposite side ,the jump looks a good 100 yards though...and adam and tory are awesome...
nfs underground! srry, don't think it showed up before, so just making sure...savage!!!
vanweb4 years ago
When they tested the "myth" of the cowboy shooting the hangmans ropethey called it busted because they said the rope swinging made it lose the force needed for the bullet to cut it.. or something like that... I think they missed an obvious solution.. they kept aiming for the rope in "mid air" when they could have easily shot the rope where it was hung over the wood... That way there is a lot of tension on the rope as it is bent and it has a solid backing so it will not swing.

Has anyone else seem myths where you think they could have made a slight change that would have made it Plausible or even confirmed without changing the test in a huge way?
yes, on the a bug can kill a biker they hung the bug, thus not including the force of the bug moving too, solution? GRANT! MAKE A FLYING ROBO-BUG!!!
I'd love for some of the deaths in the Final Destination to be tested. My husband and I debate them quite a bit... ¬_¬
Can you survive the assassins creed "leap of faith" into a hay stack?
hyreup4 years ago
Whether comfort women actually help troups fight better. The Japanese mayor said they were a "necessity" lol
Yes The Sabot Assassin
sklaforce4 years ago
If a snowball rolls downhill will it get. Larger
Ive done that and yes it did!
scarter184 years ago
While watching Expendables we had a debate about the end of the movie. When Jason Statham throws the sword through the back of the guy, and it comes out of the sternum area. Is that even possible? Seems like alot of bone to break through.
jamex5 years ago
i love your show and it would be awesome if you test this, if you jump off a building with a umbrella unfulled it will slow you down to a safe landing.

Thats an easy no.
Unless we're talking Mary Popinns
aclark265 years ago
Is it possible to climb a tree with no feet to help you?
Yes, it just requires a lot of upper arm strength. I can do that.
how about you try and see if it is possible with normal human strength to actually be able to punch threw another humans chest and take thier heart out like in those jet lee movies
master myth5 years ago
i would like you to test if a can of cookie dough explode in a hot car, it would be a great honour to have you test the unbelievable myth.
Dsalt11245 years ago
In the movie fools gold Finn shot himself free from a chan attached to an anchor and escaped with out getting hurt with a colt 45 is it spine without getting hurt????
I don't think the chain would even break!
mmme996 years ago
Can you be knocked out or even break a bone by a coconut falling from a tree?
KNEXFRANTIC7 years ago can you actullay set fire to a tv with the echo 1 minigun airsoft version hears a like to the vidio i saw it on
seabananers7 years ago
i once heard that a rocket launcher will blow the walls away if the firer is in a bunker or house
guyfrom7up9 years ago
more tesla stuff. This summer I'm going to be making a lil' wardenclyffe tower for generating free electricity. It'll be about 30 feet high, just more of proof of concepet.
 A wardenclyffe tower huh. According to wikipedia it broadcasts things, not produce free electricity. It doesn't mean what I said was true. Or are you just making a tower that takes radio waves and turns 'em into electricity?
lol, I didn't notice I replied 2 years after you posted.
The Wardenclyffe tower isn't meant to produce electricity, it just transmits it.  Though I would be interested in seeing one operate.  When you build it you should write an -able about it with video.  I would like to see its range.
comodore (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
COOL!!! Can you tell me more about your project, the little wardenclyffe tower? I'm a big fan of Tesla. I know a lot about him.
A 30 foot tall metal tower? Yeah, you'll be getting some free electricity alright. Especially during those summer thunderstorms... ;-)
Firebert0109 years ago
Somethings not right here...
Did you spell Mythbusters "MYTHBUSTE_S" on purpose or what?
comodore (author)  Firebert0109 years ago
??? Are you ok?? :) Didn't take your medicine today, ha??? (just kidding) :)
Just pointing out the error. Blatantly.
comodore (author)  Firebert0109 years ago
Yea, I see, now! Thx :)
dance12129 years ago
if you shoot a gun in to a barrel of another one would it explode? is that a nice myth
comodore (author)  dance12129 years ago
So, you have 2 barrels, in inside of a another??
listen here's the scenario 2 people having a gun fight ( eg a cop and a criminal) the cop shoots his bullet into the barrel of the criminal then the criminal shoots his gun but the gun is blocked at the gas in side the gun become such a high pressure the gun explodes killing the criminal
comodore (author)  dance12129 years ago
They did that one, not possible = BUSTED! :P
it wasn't completely busted.  the bullet did actually go into the barrel.  The part of the myth they were testing that busted it was that the bullet was removed intact from the gun that was hit.  Either way, bullet shredded but target gun survived.
I heard about that happening last year in my area. I wanted to test if it was possible just to shoot a bullet down the other guy's barrel. The only way I can see it happening: the cop is using an AR-15 or a glock, and the other guy is using a .45 or a .50 ( or maybe a nitro 600 LOL)
comodore (author)  oniman79 years ago
Im not shore that is possible, that has to be serious presision!
DaNerd119 years ago
hmmm, how bout trying to make a real lightsaber that actually cuts through stuff cough limbs cough..... maybe if you took some kind of toxic gas with magnetic particles in it and put a rotating magnet in the hilt, you could release the gas but keep it contained in a rod shape by using the magnet. It would be an electro magnet of course so u could turn it on and off and you could set the power so the blade lenght and width would differ? hehehehehe... Anyone see any problems with my design (that is flawless)
comodore (author)  DaNerd119 years ago
Hope it works! =)
lol, thanks, but i seriously, i mean it.... ya think something like that would work?
 How about the power source? Oh, wait, lightsaber vs. lightsaber = 2 dead people. Why? because the toxic gas will just flow around each other and poison the other guy! Well, both of them! How about my design:

A 1 foot long cylinder will contain some carbon nanotubes to store the megawatts of energy needed to power the thing, a cylinder that contains lots of compressed air (as much as you need), a spark gap/plug (whatever you call it), and a strong, super heat resistant ceramic that can fold up to fit in the ligthsaber (hence, the 1 foot long reason). Of course, an electromagnet.

Here's the idea: the tube will contain the mentioned parts, the ceramic tube shoots out, the ceramic will have holes, the air rushes out of the holes, the spark thing will do the work on the air making plasma, the magnet will keep the plasma from going out of control. The carbon nanotubes, thanks to its unusual electrical properties, will store enough power for all the work. The ceramic shoots out because of the rush of air. The air comes from a super compressor (kinda like a jet turbine).

If you have any questions just reply here!!!
What if the magnet, instead of containing the gas in a cylinder, molds it into a funnel, with the gas spewing out at the end? That's what I'm picturing will happen.
well yes, youve got the jist of it, but we cant have the lightsaber on the entire time, there would have to be a chamber to hold the gas in.
comodore (author)  DaNerd119 years ago
haha, why don't you try to build a prototype, haha :)
DJ Radio8 years ago
can knex guns kill people?
comodore (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I hope not! :D
If they confirm it, you must bow before us knexers.
comodore (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Haha, OK! But It won't happen!
Anything is possible.
comodore (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
So by your theory that Anything is possible. you say you can eat a Rubics Cube and crap it out solved?
That one should be tested.
comodore (author)  The Ideanator8 years ago
Chuck Norris did it...
Ya, and when he eats beef jerky he craps gunpowder. He then uses the gunpowder to kill a cow and make more jerky. I want them to test the five second rule. Not that exicting though=P
comodore (author)  L_L_L_L237 years ago
They tested the 5 second rule! In season 2, 3!   :P
Didn't see that one. How'd it do?
comodore (author)  L_L_L_L237 years ago
Well they found bacteria everywhere... :P
comodore (author)  TarzanJr7 years ago
I mean every one of their explosives and most of their experiments are lethal...  :P
but a lot of the stuff the buy if like monitered by Federal officer to make sure that they dont blow something up even though they know what they are doing. i mean just about everything can be taken and modded to become lethal to humans but certain types of weapons like explosives that they make is they have a bomb squad their
ive always wondered if adam was on ibles but just lying low, i would love to meet him one day
 Is it possible to win a Mythbusters autograph?

Oh wait it is!
comodore (author)  M4industries7 years ago
Stop rubbing it in my face!   aaaaaaa!    xD
Any popular viral video should do. I say youtube threequel!
comodore (author)  M4industries8 years ago
We hope so!  :P
hojop259 years ago
Can you really kill two birds with one stone???
drambofilms9 years ago
I HAVE A MYTH!!!!!! If you look in a mirror between 12:00 am and 2:00 am and you see a scary face looking back at you, you will die. Will you please test this myth? I'm scared to look in the mirror!
wow seriously?
comodore (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
Maybe! :)
Oh I get it,the person who made this up says hes ugly between 12 and 2 and he doesn't want to see his scary face in the mirror
comodore (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
Something like that! hahahaha xD
comodore (author)  drambofilms9 years ago
hmm, that could be possible, but what is the reaction, I mean this is a psihological and medical myth.

I want them to test if it is true that if you flush all the toilets in a large building at exactly the same time, all the pipes will burst and flood it, or otherwise cause catastrophic damage.
comodore (author)  Lithium Rain9 years ago
That sounds cool in a way, it a good myth!
dciocoiu9 years ago
It would be cool if someone tried to make "biofuel". Will it work?
haha, it already exists and has for about 10 years.
comodore (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
CONFIRMED!!! hahahaha
thats what there online forum is for. This is badwidth. (Waste of band width)
comodore (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
why? Why is this bandwidth? is some people want to talk about is why do you matter? No one is pushing you to write anything.
Because we already have a location for this on the internet. It Isn't efficient to talk about it in multiple places on the on the internet.
I've seen worse topics posted, for example the "I am going to kill my self" topics or twelve year olds asking advice on their relationships.
rofl... it's still a pretty bad topic... the whole group has been nothing but "badwith" in my opinion.
I get it, so are going to start using my slang. I made up the word badwidth by the way.
the internet has almost a infinite amount of space.....and dont we already have a place on the internet to post out post how to cook, to post how to make a robot, ect. so by your logic this whole site is a waste of bandwidth
No. This website has unique things that other websites don't have. The discovery website already has a place for topics such as this.
but this is a community in which many intelligent individuals participate in and discuss things in. and weve built bonds in this community. and sometimes we like to discuss things amongst each other knowing that we dont have a mis-informed idiot telling us lies.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Myth to prove/disprove: People that use all-caps have low IQs.
How about the myth of the sticky caps lock key, which mysteriously turns on when typing in forum topics?
LMAO! Confirmed!
Bran NachoMahma9 years ago
Confirmed! (Well, sometimes Plausible, but yeah....)
Muffins cause their owners to gain infinite muffins powers! (I shall go test....)
this thread has been already posted i believe...