Do you like outdoor games?

Nowadays lots of people are limited to stay in house and play indoor games because of the tech things like ipad, online games. But not long later, you will feel tired of it and go out for some fun. 

For different kinds of outdoor games, what do you prefer? 
Have you ever try inflatable games. I find it very interesting and exciting.

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azazqadir8 months ago

Cricket and Football (soccer). I also play basketball sometimes.

alaamiahclean11 months ago

Great post.Thanks Again. Much obliged. but i like to play

play indoor too mr hinaqin

I like inflatable games also, they are great choices as carnival games. Sure, you have to inflate them first, but it won't take much time, after deflated, they are easy stored and won't take too much space.

My favorites are biking, running, camping, etc.

Kiteman2 years ago

I find inflatable games to be a waste of money and effort (all that work to inflate them, then they get a puncture!) - I prefer the more traditional things like hiking, frisbee and kiting.