Drawer Project

Does anyone have a Drawer Project?

I have a space under the kitchen sink. The dimension is 15cm x 51cm x 52 cm. This space should be used for a dishwasher.

I have seen some drawer projects using wood glue, but I would like to use screws instead of glue.

This drawer will be used for cutlery, so it is good to have some divisions for fork, spoon, big knifes etc.

As the whole kithcne furniture is white, the drawer shall be white for sure.

I would like some tips such as track instalation, handle installation, bottom installation, finishing etc

I intend to use my new Dremel to make it.

Thank you!

Picture of Drawer Project
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Goodhart6 years ago
Will you be making the tracks (out of wood I assume) ? Remember to counter sink the holes so the screw heads don't stick up and catch the drawer, and level, level, and level it again.....drawers that are too much askew won't draw correctly.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
just put in "build drawers" in the search above to see the instructables. You could also browse through some print magazine sites such as Family Handyman or Fine Woodworking to get more tips.