Everyone Is Quitting Knex

Everybody seems to be selling their knex due to the inactivity.

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~Meme~ (author) 5 years ago
Well, they dont seem to be selling ORIGINAL knex anymore.By original I dont mean micro rods and block elements.
They recently started selling all classic piece sets. http://knex.com/Classics/ There's also supposed to be a Screamin' Serpent-style roller coaster coming out, called Son of Serpent. But, the price is around $1000. :-( I think there should be an all-classic set that's $100 instead, just like most of the big sets used to be.
Lol @ the knex gas station. You WISH prices were this low.
didexo DJ Radio5 years ago
Ha about 2.70$. try 3.50$
Haha, it's called Knex gas... gas made out of Knex. :-P I wish Knex always made lots of classic piece sets, and not just for the 20th anniversary.
ERM WTF http://www.knex.com/Thrill_Rides/product.php?pc=89774
I LOLed at that one :D
I never knew grandfather clocks were rides!
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