Evidence of Time Travel!

I'm not sure how I managed it, possibly it's a result of running the washing machine, tumble dryer and my coffee machine simultaneously, but I appear to be posting from seven and a quarter hours in the future.

Check out the image below for proof...

Or maybe it was csharyk's fault?  He's interested in woowoo tech, maybe he pulled me in after something he did elsewhere / elsewhen?

Update: it's spreading!  (second image)

(I think I'll move this thread to Bugs)

(If it's important, I made that screenshot at about 10:13am, UK time)

Picture of Evidence of Time Travel!
more time travel.JPG
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book543215 years ago
I polished my stopwatch, to get a Timer-sheen...
Kiteman (author)  karlpinturr6 years ago

<Owww - That Hurt!>

I'm getting the same bug here for the past few days.

In the recent answers section, the top few posts are regularly posted anywhere from -11 to -280 minutes ago.
lemonie6 years ago

I saw that to, and took a screenshot. However, today it doesn't interest me as much.

The Jamalam6 years ago
I was actually excited there; following the recent hypotheses and experiments on neutrinos I thought that this would at least be real. I am disappoint.
Kryptonite6 years ago
I'd love to see how you end up harnessing this power...!
"I built a time machine. It only goes forward at regular speed. It's essentially a cardboard box and on the side I wrote 'Time Machine'."
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