So i'm selling a broken gameboy color that i took apart to try and make a mp3 player out of it. Then i realized, i have no idea what im doing, no soldering iron, nothing. i started to put it back together, then it slipped out of my hands, and a wire came out and broke or somethign i dont know. Everything else is fine but that little flat wire thingie. So if you want it, come get it. I will post pictures soon. $1 :-)

ccbad1 year ago
Ill buy it.
ploofpixie4 years ago
have you ever heard of something called ebay?

I'll give you a nickel.

Seriously, that GBC isn't worth the bandwidth it's posted on.
fanny19894 years ago

Great!well done!

TSC4 years ago
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Check the date
bomberman36 years ago
So you're selling it for a dollar? I'd buy it.
Gjdj36 years ago
That flat wire wouldn't have happened to be the data ribbon would it?
Labot2001 Gjdj36 years ago

I broke that on my iPod mini.

Now my iPod mini is a piggy bank. =]
Gjdj3 Labot20016 years ago
My friend and I broke that on an old iPod so we turned it into an electrically amplified shaker for our band. Then it sounded awful so we lit it on fire. Then we adjusted the amplification settings and it worked!
Labot2001 Gjdj36 years ago
Cool! You should do an ible and post it soon! I'd love to see that!
Gjdj3 Labot20016 years ago
Haha. Cool! I love that.
Labot2001 Gjdj36 years ago

(Read my comment below)