Father modifies his son's powerwheels to 66HP (video)

I nominate him for dad of the year:

Picture of Father modifies his son's powerwheels to 66HP (video)
Dad of the year. Maybe decade.
doxsys1 year ago
Note that the motor is .66 (point-six-six) horsepower, and not 66 HP as the title states.
66 would be insane.
PKM doxsys1 year ago
When I read the title I thought "I nominate him for a Darwin award by proxy if he gives a small child 66hp", but 0.66 hp sounds just about right.
WYE_Lance (author)  doxsys1 year ago
Right you are
66 HP can kill you!
Termyte1 year ago
Waaay Cool. Props to Dad!
{post race interview in Victory Lane}
"The Rust-eze, Amsoil #95 Chevrolet run good all day. On the first caution Daddy put a couple of rounds of wedge in it and on the restart, she was hungry so I just let her graze.."
kelseymh1 year ago
That Dad's awesomeness is vastly increased as he's got his son actively working on the mod, too! It's not just something he did for the boy, it's something the two of them did together.

Epic win.
PKM kelseymh1 year ago
Can we put this and Kathryn's Fiero in a category of "best parents ever"? These kids aren't going to grow up into the sort of people who call tech support because the cup holder on their computer broke :)
hey isn't that the song from the begining of the first movie?
iproberry11 year ago
Amazing! If only the company produced those!
Wow! Now that is awesome. I wish I would have had one of these instead of a Barbie jeep!
DoctorDv1 year ago
That is sooooo awesome! Is it street legal? (for an adult)

doxsys1 year ago
That's terrific! Not so fast as to be particularly dangerous, but fast enough to be a real thrill ride for a kid. Perfect! Nice work!
rimar20001 year ago
Impressive improvement!
bennelson1 year ago
Hmmm. I sort of took the other approach.... Leave the drive system alone, but switch to renewable energy.
Jayefuu1 year ago
Ha! Legend!

Someone needs to do some outreach and get him to post an Instructable :D
Great job DAD....................
OMG. That's just awesome! :-D