Fbi sleeve microphone frankensteined in walkie talkie

Drumroll please...it's the world's (or at least instructable's) longest forum post! :D I want to solder a microphone (I ripped it out of an old telephone headset) to a walkie talkie's board in such a way that I can talk into that and have the walkie talkie pick up that instead of the input from the preexisting mike...I figured I would have to use the same old push to talk button, but I would sure like to be able to press a button near the mike to talk. I want to thread the mike up my arm, like a secret agent! The Where would I solder the microphone wires? Do I have to worry about burning/shortcircuiting my microphone or the walkie talkie? Is there any way to attach a talk button so it runs down my arm as well? Thanks!

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Lithium Rain (author) 9 years ago
Why the Calvin and Hobbes of course! :-)
:-) The reason I was hedging so much is because I have "over heated" a number of "crystal" and piezo-electric mics in the past trying to solder them. Dielectric elements can be a little funny too.
Lithium Rain (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Oh, ok. Well, thanks for not telling me to recklessly go on then...Oh, if you're interested, I figured out how to do this project without soldering anything. Not enough for an 'ible, though.
Well that's good. Even if it isn't enough for an ible, would you like to share what you did ?
Lithium Rain (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Well, I noticed that the walkie talkies have a spot to plug in a microphone headset, so I just took a computer microphone, removed the plastic, and threaded that up my arm. Then, I took an earbud that is single because one broke and put it on. Then just plug into a Y-splitter and set the walkie talkies on vox.
You're very observant and have a keen eye towards innovation. :-)
Lithium Rain (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
turns head to see if Goodhart is talking to person behind me
Thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a while. :)
Well it was meant. You solved the problem by thinking "outside the box" or as they say, "laterally". Lateral thinking is not taught in schools, only top down logical thinking. So it is definitely a plus.
Lithium Rain (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Thank you. :)
electret is the proper name for what I called a dielectric....
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