Finished with online German

yeah!!!! done with online german!!!! just had to tell somebody... I can honestly say I've learned almost nothing from an online german course... But next year I get to be in german 2 and I won't be stuck with the same lame class i had this year. The principle actually had to come in for about 2 weeks it was that bad. As in students revolting, walking out the class, not doing assignments, etc.

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bumpus9 years ago
du spreche deutsch?
Brennn10 bumpus9 years ago
du sprichst Deutsch*

Sorry, I had to correct you there.

Spreche is used in the "ich" form, or the "I" form. Ich spreche Deutsch. Conjugation is a pain.
westfw Brennn109 years ago
Isn't it "Sprichts du Deutsch?" (after all, it IS "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?")
Brennn10 westfw9 years ago
Yea, it is, and if we were all polite and formal; we would use Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Which just shows the beauty of this community. We don't have to be formal.
westfw Brennn109 years ago
Huh; there's an interesting question. Has the use of the formal "you" decreased in spoken German since they were teaching me? (oh, 30 years ago now!) After all, "sir" and "Mr " seem less common in English than they used to be. What about in Gernan EMails and Blogs and such?
Brennn10 westfw9 years ago
I don't think that formal speaking has decreased. If I recall, some Germans might find it offensive if you speak informally to them.
bumpus Brennn109 years ago
that's what my German teacher always taught us, always be formal, unless you know the person as a friend
bumpus Brennn109 years ago
yeah... es ist nicht sehr gut
guyfrom7up (author)  bumpus9 years ago
do you mean "ich nicht sehr gut?" what you said was it is not very good
i meant that conjugates suck, they are a pain in the butt to learn if your not a native speaker
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