First Geocaching Excursion!

Well, Today I plan to go on my first geocaching excursion, I don't have a GPS, but I know the area, and I'm not going to far from home. I'll report back, with pictures, and any goodies I come across! Wish me luck! :D

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my family has been geocaching for over 2 months now we have already found26
So neat! I heard about this on NPR a while back and I've always wanted to do it since since. Just looks amazing! Plus, it's a great excuse to finally buy another tech toy and get Jace out of the house with his (or our, I guess.) fancy new camera. :P
bumpus (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
I took these pictures with my fancy new camera. :D
FaqMan bumpus8 years ago
Good quality to what type of camera is it?And ya Geochanging is mostly what I use it helps me navigate through the city.
bumpus (author)  FaqMan8 years ago
Nikon D40.
FaqMan bumpus8 years ago
k thanks.
Today was my first geocaching excursion. :D I used the GPS for our boat, so it was a little buggy on land. The only reason I haven't done this before was because I doubted there would be any caches in my area (nothing ever is). Turns out I was wrong. I found four cashes and only took two things. Too bad I discovered this just as break ended... :(
bumpus (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll8 years ago
Its so fun! CameronSS mentioned it, so I looked into it, thinking there weren't any in my area, WRONG. There are actually quite a few!
There's a ton of them! My camera ran out of batteries, so I don't have that many pictures. I found a Geocoin! :D
Picture 24.pngCIMG0337.JPGCIMG0339.JPGCIMG0338.JPGCIMG0341.JPGCIMG0340.JPGIMG_6165.JPGIMG_6166.JPG
bumpus (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll8 years ago
:O Awesome! I can't wait till my GPS comes in the mail!
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