Follow the bouncing ball!

An article in PhysicsWorld reports on a novel technique for measuring the acceleration due to gravity. The researches used a cloud of ultra-cold atoms and bounced them off a series of upward laser pulses. By measuring the timing of the bounces they could measure g with better than 1 per mil precision.

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gmjhowe8 years ago
Sweet! I actually understood most of that aswell :P
kelseymh (author)  gmjhowe8 years ago
I really enjoy these sorts of experiments where you're sitting right on the classical-quantum boundary. The "bouncing atom" is basically the old beach-ball-floating-over-a-fan trick, and entirely classical. Then the same experiment turns around and does a quantum interference measurement with the same bouncing atoms!
i can feel myself getting sucked back into all the physics, especially reading kaku's latest book. Makes for better weapons workings ideas.
That's what I was thinking as I read...
You just keep telling yourself that :P
Goodhart8 years ago
Ooo and the possibilities in interferometry !! Even though the methodology would be a little different, the things we could learn!