For What it's Worth

I'd like to announce that

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lemonie7 years ago
It's sloppy: they have what 1000 blank certificates? printed in a Gothic-font, but when they hand them out they run 'em through a printer that fills-in your name in a sans-serf...
Thanks for sharing though - congratulations.

At least it is not comic-sans font. Then there might be issues.

Thank you.

You DO realise that he edited that himself don't you? If you were just joking, i couldnt tell.
Which makes more sense:
I thought the Uni' issued a dodgy-looking certificate to someone called Tool Using Animal - or - I realise that he edited that himself & was joking?

Kiteman7 years ago
Worth? That scrap of parchment is worth an entire career, maybe even an internship at HQ...
Now THAT, would be a cool job :-D
nickodemus7 years ago
If someone asks your occupation, now you can say,"I'm a professional of course!"

Congratulations :-D
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Ah, now instead of being called unemployed, you can say you are an unemployed professional.

Seriously, quite an achievement that will hopefully open a few doors for you.  Good luck.
ChrysN7 years ago
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