Full auto mechinism

I have been trying to make a full auto turret that shoots yellow rods and so far it has been going so so. So I have been wandering if anyone knows a way that would work to make a full auto firing pin or mechanism or something that is full auto and shoots over 25 feet. I don't mind modifying it but the idea would be nice. Credit will be given where credit is deserved. The size does not matter though either because I am trying to make a big turret.

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Sypran8 years ago
heres an idea for you, springed bullets, basicly the spring is in a cone shape, and stays on the bullet, then make a chain for it, then the firing pin doesn't need to much power ( but if it does it would shoot farther) it be difrent from the rest of the chain guns cause there is only 1 firing pin, and loading would be faster (if you had enough springed bullets) I did it once for a pistol, and it worked well but could not make a mag for it
The Jamalam9 years ago
model it on the fully upgraded sentry gun from tf2
codemaster2590 (author)  The Jamalam9 years ago
you mean team fortess sorry but i have never played it
yerjoking9 years ago
Make a crank chaingun or a crank-Rack&pinion gun.
codemaster2590 (author)  yerjoking9 years ago
I did try makeing one like that but mine didnt really work. Everything didnt line up. If i get more time i might try it.
Don't ya think that we need more of those types of guns?
Yup, I prefer cranks 'cause they're small, never run out of batteries and can be as strong as you want, also can have a controlled rate of fire.
But cranks can't have a true trigger...
True =/.
Der Bradly9 years ago
I have an idea but i won't tell you... Very, very top secret
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