Fundemental Logic Freeduino maxserial board dosen't talk to pc

Bought board v015, cable, cd and Breadboard Shield from vendor, at this years Trenton Computer Festival. The vendor also had an optional de-9 to usb converter. Fundamental Logic apparently now only deals with retailers. I did exactly what the instructions "said" to do, no response, never got the board to talk to my p.c. Thought it was a little odd that the same software could be used for rs-232 and usb? 
Thanks for your help!
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naic98 (author) 7 years ago
Should have clarified, I bought rs-232 cable without adapter, I am plugging cable into de9 on board and de9 on computer
I have seen where you may need to also add a null modem adapter in the chain. Which of course, is a harder part to find nowadays because they come in 25 pin variety and you need more adapters...
caitlinsdad7 years ago
I don't know if this helps but some serial-to-usb converters may not work depending on your hardware and configuration. Something about getting the timing right with establishing the communications in the ports. You might need to see if you can do a real com port or serial connection to your board. Good luck.