Good News!

Good news! I have been seeing whether or not I will be able to make a model Saturn Rocket for the challenge. I did bottle rockets way back in 2006, but all the stuff, Including the ubertastic launcher, is gone now. Good news is, I have found a way to splice bottles, and tested it today. Works pretty good so far, and I will be making a full scale test rocket soon. I don't have my launcher that was super awesome, but I do have a small Clark Cable launcher, hand held version. I do plan for my Saturn Rocket to not only have an Instructable, but an Instructable detailing splicing bottles, adding a parachute system, and adding a small package (in my case, the small lunar ship). If all goes well... I should finish before The end of the contest.

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cool!!!!, hope you can get it in before the end of the contest
Kaiven (author)  oscarthompson8 years ago
It works! 20 PSI so far, and no leaks. Launched 6 times. Of course, no parachute is very damaging to the rocket :S
Hope you finish it... Below is what happends at the end of the contest end of contest 25th august Making starts 26th august or before Making ends 28th august Launch! 29th august