Government Trojans !!!

What do you all think of this practice ? Coming soon to a pc near you....government trojans.

A government Trojan is spyware installed on a computer or network by a law enforcement agency for the purpose of capturing information relevant to a criminal investigation. Depending on the program, government Trojan horses may intercept email or VoIP traffic, scan hard drives for relevant digital media or even record conversations and videoconferences. As this type of software captures data and then sends it back to a central server for processing and analysis without a user's knowledge, it is generally classified as a back door Trojan horse virus.
Governments have approached implementing Trojan horses in different ways. Swiss government agencies have been reported to be working with Internet service providers (ISPs) to record speech on an infected PC's microphone, as opposed to of intercepting encrypted voice packets. German agencies have sought authority to plant Trojan horses on the hard drives of suspected criminals using email that would install keyloggers, record webcams and microphones and scan infected hard drives for for documents, diagrams and photography. These email messages would be tailored to each unique target, similar to the method used in spear phishing attacks.

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
I hope Bitdefender will catch it... Wouldn't that be kind of against the 4th ammendment? They are unreasonably searching our property (harddrives, history, etc.). If the government breaks the 4th ammendment, I'm breaking out the 2nd ammendment.
civil liberties or security? take your pick ;]
Goodhart (author)  Labot20019 years ago
It isn't security when innocents are hauled off to prison...and it happens. That is the wrong question. The question is, how can we "become secure" without being paranoid schizophrenics.
The question is, how can we "become secure" ...

Aye. But unfortunately, that's a hard question to answer. =/
Maybe by enforcing the immigration laws? Hunt down students that over stay visas? Stop teaching nuclear technology to foreign 'students' from third world countries? How about removing the 'special treatment' status from all 'minority' groups? Just because your a 'minority' or not;if you preach hate, why should they be protected? The good old days are gone, the bad boys are using trust and 'common sense' of America against us. The naive ideas of the '60's' have died in the face of the hard reality of the 2001. To be secure in any way we must start being responsible for our actions and what comes out of our mouths/minds. On the other hand we could go back to 'the good old days' protocols and wait for the next terror attack and what do think the knee jerk reaction will be then? I don't enjoy the new security but the alternative is worse.
Goodhart (author)  Labot20019 years ago
It can not be answered simply, because such things are multilayered and complex. There is no one phrase answer. It all has to do with common sense, NOT panicking, not suspecting everyone that looks at you sideways, not having peepholes into everyone's bedrooms to see who is sleeping with whom, etc. If we continue on our present course, we will have to X-ray everyone that enters ANY building, even our own homes and our own relatives. This isn't Big Brother we are talking about anymore, it is more like Big DADDY. Well, the gov. is NOT my daddy.
Amen! The government has definitely gone from sticking up for us and keeping us safe, right to telling us what we can and can't do and peeking in on our private affairs!
iman Goodhart9 years ago
Get a mac lol :)
Glad you understand that Apple is not immune. As a niche computer most hackers don't bother with them. Nothing interesting going on, ie no business system. However as a wide open system they do make easy access to the net and work as a fine place to hide behind. So maybe you are Ward Cleaver but the guy with the wireless connect thru your system ... sleep well pilgrim.
Goodhart (author)  iman9 years ago
If you really think your MAC is safe from Gov prying if they want to, you are less secure than I am. At least I can be on the watch for the problem; but with that attitude, they'll get you without you even knowing it. ;-)
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