Hacking a program

Is there a way to remove the trial period from a program, say its gonna expire in 30 days, delete that piece of memory so it forgets and you have it forever? (photo courtesty of whatsisface)

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schorhr9 years ago
Hello, it would be illegal to post how. Plus it is rather ironic that you post a picture with "curtesty of" while wanting to violate someone else's copyright.
I agree.
Danny (author)  schorhr9 years ago
now i never said i was going to use it on a program, maybe i wanted to know how so i could defend people from doing it to my program.
schorhr Danny9 years ago
If for someone elses program: For most things are free alternatives available these days. To secure a software: Impossible. If everything fails, people will just distribute a whole copy of the executable or such instead of keys. The only method that seems to be crack proof is to distribute software with a hardware key that has a unique number (and even then it is possible to hack the program).
ll.13 schorhr9 years ago
VALVe's way of doing things is really awesome.
I agree.
ll.139 years ago
Ack, just get a keygen or serial# I dunno, but I think the "you have used this for 30 days" is in the registry... though where I don't know. (start>run>regedit.exe)
Baron A ll.139 years ago
Key-Gens are like a pain lol.... You have to get a good one and not a bogus one.
if the keygen came with the torrent, then it will work (download the trial and keygen files all together, and they should work) if you have Vista, make sure you run everything in admin, or a bunch of things won't work!
coolz ll.139 years ago
if you dont know, then you put your computer at risk
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