Happy Birthday LinuxH4x0r

Best wishes for the years to come!

(P.S. Sorry, no car in the driveway.........)

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DJ Radio9 years ago
happy b-day! (sry im late, i dont look in the life forum a lot)
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Happy Birthday! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the car shows up next year.
I'd rather not knowing them. They'd probably get me a POS that would cost me more to fix than they paid or a boat that would cost more to fill up. :P
I'm happy with the POS that I bought, runs surprisingly good for only paying $250. :D
My POS is running great :P
Shall we have a POS forum topic to display our P's of S's? :D
I think we do...
Would you like to do the honors RS? :D
Modesty requires that I not, I've already shoved my fave POS down ya'll's throats...
That sounds disgusting!! Think before you post man!
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