Help me I think I am hooked!

Well I did not see an "introduce yourself" or "Off topic" area so I figure this as good as any spot to put it.  I have known about the site for quite some time but have only looked at it here and there.  Now I have "found" it again and have been reading instructables for 3 days now.  I have so many projects bookmarked I think I will have to make a folder for them.

I am already someone who builds and repairs computers.  Now I will be thinking twice before I throw just about anything away.  This is all wonderful information.  Keep it up everyone.  Oh and I am already kind of working on my own instructable myself.  Nothing fancy but I have not seen it here....yet.

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caarntedd6 years ago
Welcome to the dark side.
Cookies are good - sort of. But we REALLY need big, fudgy, gooey chocolate cupcakes with about a pound of deep, rich chocolate frosting on the top of each and every one..............oh, doggone it - now I'm hungry!

We have cookies
katzpawz6 years ago
Instruction: How To Write a Love Letter To a Website:

O-K, I really have NO idea how to do that! But what the heck, I'll try! This website makes me feel like I'm coming home. Informative, friendly and a true education all by itself! I don't know WHO you are or how you thought of this and put it all together (another "instruction" perhaps?) but whatever or whoever - thank you for all your involvement and work. You are truly appreciated!

aeray6 years ago
We eagerly await your first 'ible.
jcaresheets (author)  aeray6 years ago
Thank you aeray. I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to reply to my post. the first "'ible" I will be posting is going to be a joke one. I mean it is a valid instructable but will just be funny and basically worthless. But my 2nd one which will be started sometime next week. I just wish I had someone I could talk personally with about a few electronic questions I have.
Most of the Forums here are a little "slow". I agree with LR, posting in the Answers section (not in the Forums) will get you a quicker response, and the info you're looking for.
You can ask either in the forums, or in the Answers section - we have some really great electronics experts who frequent both of those parts of the site and answer questions.
Hey, welcome! Nice to have you here. Let me know when you make your first instructable!