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Hello, I just made an instructable but I had a hard time using english to describe the process. It is my first one.

I just want to know how the 'asymmetrical stone tiles' as I used to describe them are called. I think it may be flagstone but I am from Greece and they have a complete diferrent name here, so I dont know.

Thanks in advance!

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Hariskal (author) 3 years ago

I see, but still I dont quite understand the difference. I will research it a bit.

Thank you for comment and compliment! :)

Burf3 years ago

Actually, the correct name for your project using irregular shaped stones is called a 'fieldstone patio.' Flagstone is synonymous with sandstone and though sandstone is often used in irregular shapes too, your stones don't appear to be sandstone.

BTW: You've done a very nice job of it, too.

FirstSpear3 years ago

Kali spera. Yep both flagstones and crazy paving in the UK. But what you have done is really a very nice abstract mosaic. I'm absolutely certain you'll know what a mosaic is, being Greek, but abstract here means of no particular form or pattern. (Apologies if you knew that already.)

Hariskal (author)  FirstSpear3 years ago
Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it
caitlinsdad3 years ago

My recommendation is to edit your title to "Custom Flagstone Backyard Patio with Wooden Bench" When you have symbols in your title () and +, they sometimes confuse the search engines or how it is displayed. You might want to create a separate instructable for your backyard wooden bench to enter into the instructables woodworking contest going on. Good luck.

Kiteman3 years ago

Yes, "flagstones" is a good word.

Jumbled paving like that can also be called "crazy paving".