High voltage in water increases surface tention. Why?

One day, I stuck two high voltage wires (even thought you may think this was not smart) and it made water "stick" to the ends of the wires, and it was as if there was sticky jello on top. Does anyone know why this happened and what I can do with it?

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REA7 years ago
well, water's surface tension is due to hydrogen bonding, so the molecules are connecting like magnets would. my guess is that the high voltage increased the hydrogen bond causing it to "stick" better. HOWEVER, dont quote me on that because im not sure if this is right. its only based on assumption.
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i dont get it? +1?
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Kinda thumbs up for an answer. Before the current rating system of stars and rating scale, there was just a plus 1 or a negative rating for instructables, it would count how many positive ratings you got...the old days...now you have the whole seconding, thirding, etc thing which makes it +2,...and so on.
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so i got it right? i thought for sure i was probably wrong.
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i googled it and it said it increases its polilarity (plus minus attraction in water)