How does one get over 37000 Views in 7 days???

How the heck does one get over 37000 views in only 7 days?
Thats over 5000 views a day!
Unheard of!

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The Newsletter is also very big on bringing in views.
One makes a script which loads the instructable in a browser every 16.3455041756 seconds.
You would have to figure out how to spoof the ip to get it to count as a view from a different source each time.
One did something that interested the NSA, of course!
Kiteman4 years ago
Not unheard of, just unusual. It helps if you have a lot of followers, either here, or on social networjs

We have nearly 40 projects with over a million views, 8 with over 2 million, one with over 3 million.

My own Shotfun got almost 9,000 views on its second day - it's just a shame that didn't continue...

The big thing is to catch the web's imagination, the ever-popular "going viral", and that is very hard to plan or predict.
That's a whole shotfun of views but almost is NOT over 9,000. :P
Greasetattoo (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Where does one find the graphs?
On your "You" page, hit the "Stats" tab. That's a cropped screen-shot.
What I have found is that reblogging, liking, pintering and retwitting etc will propogate or hijack images from the ible, unmention the link somewhere along the way, thus not reflecting the real interest in an ible on this site. I do enjoy the more random comments out in the wild when I do try to track down an outside mention based on the recorded referrals in the stats.
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