How much knex do you have?

This is a forum (Not sure It's been done) Of all the knex you have, post picture of all your knex (Note I have a little more than what is in those pictures below.

1. Oblivitus's Z35
2. Oodalumps's Not a Rectangle
3. Beameron's Wolverine Claws
4. Shadowman39's and Hiyadudez's Hole Puncher
5. Logic Boy's Knex Knife
6. I_Am_Canadian's Spiff
7. Pile of rubber bands
8. LogicBoy's Logic Bow

And all the rest of my pics are miscellaneous pieces from around the house/coasters being made.

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martijnb956 years ago
this is what i have now. it's about 17000 pieces
Vynash (author)  martijnb956 years ago
Very nice!
Nice organization boxes, till the last pic ;-)
Vynash (author)  patriots88886 years ago
xD that's just cars, boosters. motors... Etc. =P
Hiyadudez7 years ago
Shadowman39's and Hiyadudez's hole puncher.
Vynash (author)  Hiyadudez7 years ago
LOL sorry ill fiix that =P
ty :-D
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