So I was living a normal life. Everyday I got up, had breakfast, brushed my teeth, got dressed. But this was no ordinary day. This day I.....

Ok, I don't know why I did that, just thought I'd make it mysterious...

But no. So anyway, something happened. I got a comment on my newest instructable:

But when I clicked to go and reply to the comment, my internet shut down, and a message appeared (picture below) and then the internet re-opened and this came up (second picture.)

Any idea what happened?


Picture of Huh?
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NYPA7 years ago
It's a scam program. They "scan" your whatever and say you have multiple problems with multiple things, then they try to convince you to buy this to fix it. This happened to me the first day I got my laptop.
Willard2.07 years ago
Do you remember what ads were on your screen at the time?  I know that admin is having a heck of a time tracking this one down.  It has being going on for quite some time now.

I see that you posted a reply to lemonie on this topic, but I suggest that you post a complete report.  Include your OS, SP#, browser & version, and any ads that you remember.

Whatever you do, don't click anything on the message.  Close it off with task manager.  All the buttons on the message are linked to the virus.

Hope this helps

How do you get to task manager?
If you are running XP, press ctrl+alt+delete.  If you are running Vista, same thing, but select 'start task manager'.  I haven't used 7, so I don't know if it is the same, but I would imagine that it is.
Thanks alot!
Thanks Willard2.0!  Perfect advice.
You're welcome.
Hiyadudez (author)  Willard2.07 years ago

But uhh... I clicked on the red X in the corner :S
i get the same thing .

Thats the only problem with automated ads.
knexfan91827 years ago
Yeah I actually do have some problems with this website regarding internet safety.
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