I need networking help PRONTO! Please help me

I'll try to make this a humanly short as possible. Long story short, I updated the networking software (it's ibm for my ibm thinkpad), and before I could see the thinkpad on my ibook, but not visa versa, now I can't see either. I really need to be able to network because I have some work to do (I do photoshoping alot) and need to have access between computers. Anyone able to help me?!? Forgot to add: Both computers are on wireless, on the same router, and same workplace, technically, this should work, why the fuck don't it?

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steven0710 years ago
If all else fails just change all the settings you can find and hope for the best. also you say the think pad cant view shared folders? tried typing the mac-s IP address in the address bar that does sometimes work, Also a network analysing software which searches for all shared folders may help "LANdiscovery"
Punkguyta (author)  steven0710 years ago
Changing settings is usually what gets me here in the first place :p I have tried to ip adress, it just freezes explorer up.
BoBraxton10 years ago
Know the IP address of your router, make sure there is NO hard-coded TCP/IP address (change to get automatic assignment through DHCP), in Advanced under your network properties, TCP/IP properties (modify) you could do an Add of your router's TCP/IP address under "Gateway"
Punkguyta (author)  BoBraxton10 years ago
my thinpad already sees the router, it shows up as a upnp device. They're both on dhcp, and the ethernet is set to for the thinkpad and .2 for the ibook for networking with ethernet which seems to work.
gyromild10 years ago
When you say "access" to both computers, do you mean access to shared folder on the ibook from the thinkpad, and vice versa..or something along the line of remote access? Have you checked the protocol? Im pretty sure that previously the ibook can see the thinkpad because the thinkpad has Appletalk installed on it.
Punkguyta (author)  gyromild10 years ago
Apple talk is long gone technology, so fuck no (scuse the language). I meant that I could access me second partition on the thinkpad (I had my D drive on share mode) and my ibook could see it just fine, but not visa versa. Btw, mac os x 10.3+ (I have 10.4) has windows file sharing built into the networking settings, you just turn it on and it simply turns on. And I have both connected via ethernet right now and it works, but still not by wireless.
HamO Punkguyta10 years ago
"scuse the language" NO
Punkguyta (author)  HamO10 years ago
Your username is Ham-O, 'nuff said
ok how about a quick solution then just let your shared partition have network write access and just send the files over that way (until you sort out your laptop).
schorhr10 years ago
If all fails, but as steven07 allready asked they are in the same IP range (and PING works) you could simply get a FTP or WEB-Server running to exchange Data. (see all4you.dk for free programms).
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