IR Jammer

could some please show me how to build an IR jammer? I want one that broadcasts at all frequencies, as to not have to adjust it for each IR reciever. I would be most thankful.

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maxiaxie5 years ago
in theory the simplest possible jammer would be an IR LED attached to watch battery with duct tape. Attach it in a hidden area an point it toward the IR receiver, it would blanket out any infrared light from any remote. Short range, not controllable, but extremely fun when you attach a magnet so you can magnetise it to a metal pylon or something.
abbtech7 years ago
This IR Jammer is exactly what you are looking for.
Dorkfish9210 years ago a link to one. I haven't made it yet but I plan to soon.
James (pseudo-geek) (author)  Dorkfish9210 years ago
I already tried that one, it didnt work. I think it may be my poor soldering skills :/
Well ONE problem I see already is that the parts list says  R5 see note....and the note says: 

2. You may need to adjust the value of R3 for the right frequency. A pot can be used.

Once that is worked out,  it should work, if you haven't over heated the transistors while soldering (common mistake is to forget to heat sink them during soldering). 

Since different brands of Transistors can have a different EBC order, it is always good to check out the spec sheet of the manufacturer before solderin.

James (pseudo-geek) (author) 10 years ago
could I just take like 5 IR LEDs and make it super bright with them?
andy10 years ago
The way i would get it to work is to flood the area with random data, You would have to cycle between transmission frequencies, you would probably need a 555 timer and some way of altering the resistence/capacitence, you`ll probably need some tranisters for that and some way of produciong a sine wave/ saw tooth wave. Alternitivly you could use a programmed chip to simply bounce between low frequency and high frequency, or go for random variations, using a data table or similar... You could probably pull it off if you are running it at >1Mhz clock speed. Hope this helps, Drew
James (pseudo-geek) (author)  andy10 years ago
thanks, I think I can use a 555 to make another 555 varied like that. I'll have to look into how to hook it up right, I dotn know much about it. thanks for the help
microman17110 years ago
oh.... I was about to try it... Ill try it anyway and tell you how I get on
I tried it and no sucess but I have a plan so ill try dat
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