I'd like to see someone make a lawnmower that doesn't use a large stupid spinning fan, I'd like to see someone make something that uses the same principle as a harvester and makes little convenient bales or little grass blocks that could be easily used for other things. Its 2012, for gods sake, we should have some cool shit by now, and make it robotic too, where you can walk around your yard with your smart phone to let the mower know the perimeter as well as any other points of interest, like flower beds or dogs.        

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The Cartographer (author) 5 years ago
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Roomba on a cartrige/sppindle type mower or whatever like the one pictured powered by a disability scooter???
In the Uk, we can still get cylinder mowers which could do what you want. Robotic mowers are also available....

I've seen pedal powered mowers and battery powered mowers that use helical (cylindrical) blades. This seems like the most efficient way to go. Just like a pair of scissors takes less energy to cut a piece if paper than a machete would.

So I guess you'd need the guts of a battle bot or a healthy sized electric bike kit and an old school push mower along with an arduino or PIC based brain.