I'm Going...

... to the Maker Faire at Newcastle this afternoon, representing Instructables along with gmjhowe (who's done most of the work), Steveastrouk and others.

There should be some sort of internet access, but with a lot of people using it, I can't promise to post anything over the weekend.

Look for posts on Monday, or, even better, come along to the Centre for Life, find the Instructables stall, and say hello to us all.

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lemonie6 years ago
I can't - not enough warning... Have a good one and get to The Trent House if you can.

I live but 30 seconds walk from that place, it's delightful

Is the Jukebox still free, do they still toast sandwiches, have they still got Space Invaders and the pool table, AND does it still say "don't be a twat be nice to people" up the stairs?

All right, it's Monday, let's see some pictures!
Kiteman (author)  fungus amungus6 years ago

There are some on (in?) the flickr uk maker faire 2011pool
Kiteman (author)  fungus amungus6 years ago
Tidying them up right now.
Kiteman (author) 6 years ago
... and we're back!

We're veeery tired, but I'll post a bunch of photos in the next 8 hours or so.
Glad you got back OK, I hope your journey home was smoother than on Friday. willywoozle made it onto this youtube video
Kiteman (author)  lizzyastro6 years ago
I think the phrase Mwahahahahah! will suit nicely...
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