I'm going to school tomorrow

Tomorrow I'm gonna leave to go to school at around 7:40 France time. But don't worry, I'm coming back at around 4:15. Gonna miss you guys.

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Oh my gosh everyone hold your breaths, someone is leaving the site for a few hours... It's the end of the world!!!
Who cares if he's going to school, everyone does.
Not I. God, I really don't belong here.
My point exactly.
DJ Radio8 years ago
HAHA, your school sucks!
jollex (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
First of all, this topic is almost two weeks old. Secondly, my school doesn't suck; in fact, it's most likely better than your school.
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
Sorry, forgot to check. And by "sucking", I meant the dates it is in session. In this case, I am already on summer break. BTW I may have exaggerated a bit
what the hell i thought we were supposed to go to school everyday not every once in a while!!! Plus why tell us when nobody cares
Want to stop downing the view of knex here even further?
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