InVision LD 3D Printer Help

A 3D printer has been donated to my classroom for a few months, but we were not given any documentation on the printers use. I have looked online, but it is an older 3D printer and information is lacking. I thought I would see if anyone here had experience and could point me in the right direction. I have been to manufacturer's website but have had little luck since it is a legacy system. I have looked online but I cannot find a manual. If I could find a manual that would help greatly. It is an InVision LD 3D Printer, S/N 05JA1921 Thanks!

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GeoM1310 months ago

Did you ever get this printer running?

ehudwill (author) 1 year ago

I was able to contact someone at 3D systems and they are going to get the software for me. Yay!

ehudwill (author) 1 year ago

Called 3D Systems. Was transferred twice and then sat on hold for about five minutes, before deciding to leave a message. Hopefully someone calls me back.

Wow, just looking up what it is, do you even have the plastic film printer material to use for the machine? They seem to be printers that were auctioned off and disposed of from a company that bought out the manufacturer.

ehudwill (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

I do have a large roll of film.

from that solido video - you also need a glue cartridge and anti-glue pens...

ehudwill (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

I have a glue cartridge but no pens. I will call the company this afternoon. Their website does not help me much with this older printer.

I hope you get it working! 3D printers are fun to use

an ebay listing said it was the same as a solido model

there may be software and drivers somewhere. Good luck.

If it was donated than you missed out on the most vital part: The software.
I do hope you got enough material with it though.
You best option would be to contact the support at and ask them for the right software.
Problem is that your machine is an outdated and discontinued model, still bloody expensive though.
I doubt standard slicers can handle this machine although I don't have any experience with these fance printers, for me it is just filament....

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