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We've published a book of Instructables!

Order your copy of The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here!

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

I just got the contract worked out with O'Reilly Media/MAKE, who is publishing the book. Details are still being finalized, but the book will look something like this: 75 (maybe?) full Instructables and 50 (maybe?) mentions (author, intro image and text maybe?) of Instructables in a community-choice section. The Instructables in the community-choice section will be chosen by a month-long contest open to Instructables published at any point in the past. The top Instructables by votes in the contest will be included. The full Instructables will be chosen by the people at Instructables, the O'Reilly and MAKE editors, and using the results of the book contest. If your project is selected, we'll ask for your permission and give you a free copy of the book.

We're hoping to have it out in time for the Austin Maker Faire in October.

These details are likely to change, but I'm so excited that I wanted to share them even at this early stage. We'll do a formal announcement when we know more, so consider this your sneak-preview.

Updated: Number of full Instructables from 100 to 75.

2008-07-03 Update: Right now, it looks like we'll be including approximately 50 Instructables in the community choice section of the book as chosen by our Instructables Book Contest. This section will have 8-10 Instructables per page and each Instructable will have the author, title, intro text and image. Everyone mentioned will receive a free copy. As usual we'll be eliminating fraudulent votes.

75 full Instructables will be included as chosen by editors at Instructables, MAKE, and O'Reilly. Obviously, we'll be watching the results of the contest closely to make sure we didn't miss anything!

Since print and internet are such different mediums, part of the selection process is finding Instructables will exceptional images and well-written text. Since any Instructable can be included, now is a great time to make sure your images are top-notch and maybe add a few more, if you can.

2008-09-01 Update: If your Instructable is in the top 50 sorted by user votes, you are definitely in the community choice section. Depending on how many of those 50 are included as full Instructables in the book, the community choice section may include more Instructables. We are working hard at getting everything organized and ready for the book launch in October.

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Are there any updates or new books planned or was this a one off?
Would be great to have a new edition.

Something like the Guiness book of Instructables....
Was thinking of several categories, "Most viewed", "Most builds by users", "Contest Winners", "Best Newcomer Instructables".

Or how about a whole series of books? Home improvement, furniture making, alternative energy and so on?

The internet is the way to go but a lot of people still love the good old fashioned books in their hands.

If you look on Amazon, there are loads of e-books.

Have to admit I did not look for Ebook in the online markets :(

You are right plenty of books to find electronically but with a hefty price tag IMHO.

And as far I noticed with quite different prices depending on the country you check (paperback).

And the Ebook version:
Amazon AU offers the books for around 11 bucks, some cost more though.

Same 8$ book on the EU site for 10€ - about three times the AU price.

US 7.19$.
All for the Kindle version of the same book.

The best of collection is the most expensive of the lot, if you can get it.
I think I am quite glad to have the internet to look them up directly, althoug I wonder if the Instructables in those books get any increase for their views based on the sales of the book they are in?

There were some free ebooks, basically downloadable versions of collections, but I'm at work right now and don't have time to go hunting for the links.

They might be around the site, though?

Dot worry about it.
It only came up as was abosultely unable to find any printed Instructables books in the stores here and noone actually knew what I was talking about LOL
As long as this site is online and the stuff can be found here I will find what I need :)

blkhawk5 years ago
May I have a free copy? Pleeeeeeeeeease! :-)
If I had an extra copy, I'd give you one But they cost nearly $35....
You can buy them used, far cheaper, from Amazon.
blkhawk Kiteman5 years ago
Just kidding! I will make a check with my "bouncy" checkbook account! :-)
You sound like my first wife LOL
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