Instructables Halloween Postcards 2012

Trick or treat!

We love celebrating Halloween here at Instructables and the season is fast upon us. We always send out post cards to mark our favorite holiday, and we're doing it again this year! 

If you'd like to receive a postcard, please leave a comment here by Monday October 15th, and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system.

Happy Halloween!

Picture of Instructables Halloween Postcards 2012
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i like getting good mail! and by good mail i mean not bills lol
thatguy9004 years ago
could i please have one
cgeer34 years ago
i want on
Moem cgeer34 years ago
Then go and post in the thread for this year. This one is for last year.
Jacky P4 years ago
Please send
I totally want one, any way I could get one for friend who doesn't have account?
Felinho4 years ago
I need one of these! Keep making this site
doo da do4 years ago
Trick or Treat, and keep your smile on ! !
Etho4 years ago
It would be nice to get something in the mail...
quadbp4 years ago
Love "snail" mail. Finally something to get besides bills & advertisements.
britor4 years ago
31 de outubro é Dia do Saci, huahuahua,
dihabibi4 years ago
Hi there;

May I have a postcard too?

Thanks muchly..........
I would like a Halloween postcard, please.
What He said.
dkarjalahti4 years ago
gdross4 years ago
Looking forward to Instructables to provide the best Halloween costume ideas ever!
Kasm2794 years ago
I never received mine, oh well...
I would love a postcard too.

I just got it!!!
A "Happy Halloween" postcard with the Instructables' Vampire Robot and 2 stickers.

Thank you Instructables
kondzio295 years ago
Received one today :) thank you for the stickers :D I love them
Moem5 years ago
Received mine over in the Low Lands. Thank you very much. It's neat!
I got one and I didn't comment. Anyone know why? It was a nice surprise and i really like the bright orange envelope.
Just got mine today, I love it. It's even personally signed. Thanks instructables!
Mine arrived this morning, the card has now taken it's place on my workshop cupboard door with the rest of the collection.
Thanks guys :-)
rrkrose5 years ago
Has anybody gotten theirs yet? It says that these are being sent out through the normal prize system and that usually includes sending out a confirmation e-mail (which I haven't received yet) so I'm assuming that mine hasn't even been sent. I was kind of hoping it would come by Halloween...
It's November 2ent and I haven't got mine yet
Update: it's November 3rd and i just received it. Thanks Instructables!
November 4th and I still haven't received mine T.T
Thanx :)
yahooti125 years ago
I commented before October 15th and I still haven't gotten an address request for the postcard. Anyone else having this issue? I can still my original comment; so it did post.
It looks like you (and several others) commented on the 2011 postcard page.

I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that requests MUST be on the correct page for the current year (2012) in order to get a postcard. Staff members wouldn't have time to check old pages; but another member tried to let you know and left you a reply...

Since its now 2 days before Halloween, I would imagine all postcards were sent. You can try contacting kazmataz by PM and see if they are willing to send you one late (if they still have any available).
They might have been sent, but at least one hasn't arrived yet ...

Well then I'm not the only one... I haven't gotten mine either. :-(
Same here, I'm hoping for a few nice things to arrive in the morning so fingers crossed my card is one of them :-)
Thanks! I've been checking my messages waiting and couldn't figure out what was going on. I must have had the 2 postcard pages in different tabs and commented on the wrong one (or something like that).
Well, like I said, you could try sending a PM to kazmataz... It doesn't hurt to try (especially if you ask nicely and explain the mistake. If they have more, they might send you one anyways).
TheCritic5 years ago
Nelyan5 years ago
The notice to fill out my address came to me for the third time now, why? I filled it out twice or thrice now, hope even one of them came through!
Nelyan Nelyan5 years ago
And now for the fourth time?
Same here. Strange.
fretwire845 years ago
That would be awesome. :) Thanks in advance.
brucesallen5 years ago
jennmark5 years ago
Yes Please!
karlpinturr5 years ago
And thank you again... I've just had TWO MORE offers practically together - seems I might get FIVE in all...
Site was down last night. So I hope I can still get a postcard! Thanks!!!
mark-mark5 years ago
Send one of them cards my way, please! Sorry for being late this year.
ddreher5 years ago
Yes Please!
I would love one! I hope you can give a 1 day extension for this...
pidogz5 years ago
Yes please
dylanp19365 years ago
Yes please!
anti-joy5 years ago
yes Yes YES!
i collect pcards, so to get one from my fave DIY site on my fave holiday sounds like all awesomeness to me! :))
plz & tyvm!
karlpinturr5 years ago
Thank you once again - from never knowing about this, I've now had THREE 'offers'!!
amit_sci5 years ago
Beam me up, Scotty
slucchesini5 years ago
I would like a postcard, thanks!
For Sure, it would make my day! :)
I want a postcard! I love you instructables!
BabyBuns5 years ago
I would love a postcard, please. Thanks! :)
I too would like a postcard of the instructabot!!
nat.andrews5 years ago
Hey its the 16th here, but thanks to different time zones - YES PLEASE!!
ihwild5 years ago
I can't think of a reason not too. It would be nice.
I'd love one! :D
Blechmen5 years ago
Me please
liera215 years ago
Me too, thanks!
mrguy191875 years ago
Hot Dang!
EricRaines5 years ago
Yes please! Better than candy.
terriczm5 years ago
Sure! Thanks !
Pabswil775 years ago
Send one of them cards my way, please!
sctirvn6875 years ago
Send me one please. Thanks!
QuoteRadar5 years ago
Count me in :)
scotth615 years ago
I want one! Thanks! :-)
manunkey5 years ago
Yes please ;)
That'd be awesome!
sarahfish5 years ago
Me please!
deboski5 years ago
Sure send me one. Please :)
Jorie5 years ago
I'd love to get a card!
jbulot5 years ago
Cool - my favorite website by far!
acitrus5 years ago
I'd love to have one!
5150tech5 years ago
Very cool , i'm in
JenniferLZ5 years ago
I'd like on to!
deblon5 years ago
i'd love a postcard! thanks in advance
The ed5 years ago
I'd like to get a postcard from Instructables
wlgough5 years ago
Yes, please!
ajdi1235 years ago
I would love to get a postcard please please please!
Avalai5 years ago
Yes! I'm not missing out this year!
Bring it on.
Oooh, yes please! \(^o^)/
Qtechknow5 years ago
I would love a postcard from Instructables.
litlgurl5 years ago
I absolutely love your posts and especially your contests.

gamergrl225 years ago
I'd like one please! :D
Twetwe5 years ago
Hi I would like one thanks
flintbone5 years ago
I would like to get one. Thanks.
urbanpirate5 years ago
Postcard? Me likes postcards.
Brockley5 years ago
I would like a postcard :D
fmajid5 years ago
yes, please.
jackdo5 years ago
May I have the lovely card? please~~~
Kev_MacD5 years ago
Yes Please!
postcard YEAYA
gneedel5 years ago
i would like one.
Purrrsona5 years ago
Yes, please. =^.^=
this is a comment. yes I would like one. :3
nikropht5 years ago
I wants one plz =)
mfossati795 years ago
Name one person who doesn't like a Halloween Postcard! Please + Thank You!
Travis10005 years ago
Ohh I would love one! I love getting random things in the mail to keep.
thing 25 years ago
Yes please! :)
dmdsanchez5 years ago
I want to join the crew!!!! Please send me one
colliver5 years ago
Oooh, oooh! Me! Me!
kerunix5 years ago
One for me too please or am i too late?
LadyCregga5 years ago
Cool I want one
Yes please!
gpencoff5 years ago
Yes PLEASE. It is fun to get cool things in the mail.
santy225 years ago
Got one last year, would love another one! You guys are the best.
rfhewitt5 years ago
Yes, please :)
gpencoff5 years ago
Yes PLEASE. It ia fun to get cool things in the mail.
ebates35 years ago
Send me a card please
Yes please!
skeplin5 years ago
Ja, bitte!
Sammanator25 years ago
A postcard would be nice. :)
aeromancy5 years ago
I'd like one. :)
ol.lee5 years ago
Snail mail + Halloween?! What a great combination!
Add me to that list, please :)
wattendorf5 years ago
Me please!!
wattendorf5 years ago
I would love a postcard!!
amcmillin15 years ago
A card would be awesome!
mormonchick5 years ago
You guys are awesome, I would love one of these. =)
juxtapoze5 years ago
ooo i want one please!!
Yes please I would love a Halloween Postcard.
Emsaid5 years ago
I'll take one!
First time for me also, thanks
dhutchens5 years ago
Sting23735 years ago
I want one!
Sunkicked5 years ago
I would love a postcard. I promise to get a costume action shot with it a la Think Geek!
izznogood5 years ago
Yellowww rrr =)
bbergamini5 years ago
I would LOVE one! :D <3
matas15 years ago
Please and thanks! :D
I want one please.
mwilton135 years ago
I would LOVE to receive a postcard. Halloween is by far my alltime favorite holiday.
Please and thanks for everything
ryderb5 years ago
Yes please and thank you.
nkinling5 years ago
resha75 years ago
I think it would be nice to get a postcard.
nhathy5 years ago
Yes please. :)
nritchey5 years ago
I would love to get a postcard from you guys. Thanks! :)
I too would be delighted to get a Halloween post card.
Put me on the list! Thanks!
lrusso24075 years ago
I would love one please....And thank you.
Happy Halloween :))
dlinv7735 years ago
please and thank you.
missmeli5 years ago
I'd love one!
annjee5 years ago
BEST holiday EVER <3 A postcard would make it BEST...ER?
seamuffin5 years ago
my favorite holiday also!
Happy Holloween!
tinka875 years ago
Yay. Happy Halloween
cgerty5 years ago
Thanks guys!
dopman5 years ago
Well, why not!
78dudley5 years ago
i would like one thanks
KnitChick5 years ago
Postcard? Yes please!!
mrpesas5 years ago
A postcard would be awesome!!!
adaven514985 years ago
well since i'm too old for getting candy i think a postcard would be awesome... curse you "adulthood"
I want one!!
Hope I made it in time! I would love one!
canuck495 years ago
That would be amazing! :D Please and thank you! :D
davedirt5 years ago
I'll be having one...thanks
SWEET!!!! Can't wait to put it in a frame!!! love you guys!
PALMACAS5 years ago
One for me please!
romyck5 years ago
Please, send me one!
Sweet--thank you!
muninn995 years ago
What an awesome idea! We would love one at our house. :-)
DarthCookie5 years ago
I'll take one, thank you very much! (╯°▽°)╯ ♡
shanzibar5 years ago
I <3 instructables!
I want one!
Woo! We love you Instructables Robot! Happy Halloween!!
i wold like to get one plz
webeGs5 years ago
Happy Halloween!!!
powerfool5 years ago
Beloved Instructables Robot,
you have been inspiring me for years. I I would love to get a postcard from you! I live in Greece, I hope that's not a problem!
I would love to also send you back a postcard from my hometown, don't forget to tell me your address too!
foolswalk5 years ago
Count me in please!
ryandean985 years ago
I would like to receive a postcard :)
Jorgomli5 years ago
I can haz one!? :D It would make my halloween...
woodmagnet5 years ago
Thank you very much for this generous offer, I will
be very happy to receive it. Kevin.
sugarsnout5 years ago
Awesome!! thanks, I filled in the request form
juggleboy5 years ago
I would like one please!
karlpinturr5 years ago
Slightly confused - I've just received (and accepted) a 2nd notification and contact details request - I assume I won't actually get 2 postcards?
DaProject5 years ago
Instructables is getting more awesome every day!
Do you deliver in Belguim?
kazmataz (author)  DaProject5 years ago
Sure do!
shahanak5 years ago
Would love a card!
sidgupta5 years ago
Can I get one in India?
If so I want some too!!
f5mando5 years ago
Bolly jongo happily accepting card hallowed from thee!
Thank you very glad.
Dr.Bill f5mando5 years ago
Oh look ! An Obama supporter.
ravenking5 years ago
Adorable ! :)
zappenfusen5 years ago
So y'all are real people. I figured instructables was some type of crowd source experiment to identify all the people who have never grown up and continue to love toy's.

Thanks for a card,
Could still be both...
I'd love to recieve a card!
TheCritic5 years ago
Thanks So much. Right back at you
beastbunny5 years ago
Totally need one!
i would love a postcard
Nelyan5 years ago
Yay, mail from Instructables! I got the christmas-card last year too, it was awesome! :)
And when I won an 'ibles- t-shirt, my hubby took it from me after the first use and loves it so much I don't have the heart to ask it back :D It fits him better too, so why not: I actually get to see it even more than I would wearing it myself!
He also put one of the many Instructables-stickers to both his computer and his laptop :D <3
lllshreelll5 years ago
Is this for all countries?
yep im frm india and i got one!
kazmataz (author)  francisroan5 years ago
What Francisroan said!
Thank you miss! :)
Hey thanks! Waiting for it ! I shall frame it :D
Cool! Do you guys do this for other holidays?
FabiojapaXD5 years ago
Can I receive it in Brazil?
kazmataz (author)  FabiojapaXD5 years ago
of course!
Oh God, now that's good news! Thanks for the reply!
Yay! I love Halloween :-)
crapflinger5 years ago
blah, i vant to see your card!
FrozenIce5 years ago
ermm... is this really international??? middle east included?? do we have to pay anything???
kazmataz (author)  FrozenIce5 years ago
Totally international. Totally free :)
no way.... AWESOME!!!!
So what exactly do we get??? i must inform the ones i call "guardians".
That's MY cape!!
Dutch565 years ago
Thank you, Instructables
SMX5 years ago
It would be sooo cool to get postcard! Thank you!
karlpinturr5 years ago

All Hail the Halloween Postcard!!!
These postcards are always appreciated, thanks!
kondzio295 years ago
Thank you :)
nana.krnja5 years ago
Thanks,. I am honored. :)
md4v35 years ago
Can I have a postcard too? Every year i get a halloween postcard (and stickers) from Instructables and I always looooove it. I would be so happy if I can have one this year :D
Thank you xoxo
studleylee5 years ago
Thanks for such a great forum to create and share!
or_ford985 years ago
WOW, thanks Instructables, something free for no reason always makes us happy XD
pcgirl5 years ago
OMG. I'm getting a postcard from the INTERWEBZ! I'm honoured. :D
cybergod5 years ago
Thank you very much. It is rare for something to be truly FREE and the be from Instructables, it ROCKS !
chesterjohn5 years ago
I am grateful that you though of me.

But I am not a Halloween enthusiast. though I do give the kids candies and treats because they come to the door.

Nice graphic never the less.
WWC5 years ago
Thank You Very Much!
l8nite5 years ago
a great addition to my HAUNT entrance
MROHM5 years ago
Thanks from MR.OHM!!!
joey995 years ago
Thank you!
askjerry5 years ago
If you run out of post cards just send money. (Evil grin.)
Thank you very much! I'm honored to be receiving a postcard for the first time :)
powerman6665 years ago
Thank you soo much instructables.
Misac-kun5 years ago
I don't if it's just coincidence but, today is my birthday and they sent me an email about my endress for the postcard. Halloween...
I want one too,please.
sooozyy5 years ago
⇩ Haha, Olin takes over the comment thread. ⇩
noclothes5 years ago
Yes please!!!!
gsanford15 years ago
pick me please!
dredfern5 years ago
Yes please!
sdziallas5 years ago
I'd love one!
bstrachota5 years ago
Would love one!
haliecat5 years ago
i'd like one. :)
Me too please!
We love mail!
jessimata5 years ago
please and thank you!
i was ment to get some post cards before but I never got them would like these but i wouldnt be suprised if i didnt, ;(
When you get the INBOX msg. you have to reply with name/address etc. did you do that last time?
It would be delightful :)
TabbyDeAnne5 years ago
I love receiving these every year! It shows you care. Thanks guys & gals!
makendo5 years ago
sure, thx
lmnopeas5 years ago
I love snail mail! Please send one!
n1cod3mus5 years ago
Yes please, always like the card
andyo645 years ago
Send Away!
lairmo5 years ago
would love a card!!!
drkstrm5 years ago
I love postcards!!
themoose645 years ago
Please Send a post card! Thanks instructables!
Yes please! I still have the one from last year as well.
Yes please :) I love Halloween
janw5 years ago
I would love to receive one! Thank you.
Ah. Why I would quite love a post card!
lp5ohana5 years ago
Please...Thank You!
cowboynwh5 years ago
Please and Thank you
noahh5 years ago
I would love to receive one of these.
lalaclassic5 years ago
Oh yes, please send me one.
PainterMel5 years ago
Oh yes, please send me one.
Thanks to post such a nice item
mg0930mg5 years ago
I would love to have another this year! Thanks in advance.
Mr.Sanchez5 years ago
I would love to have one...Thanks.
wmhechler5 years ago
I would love a postcard.
vmanh5 years ago
What i great way to celebrate halloween 8D
mdeakin5 years ago
woop woop i would love one
ruckerr5 years ago
It wants DOES!!! My preciousssss!!
xpat735 years ago
I would love to receive a snail mail please.Thanks in advance
artisan.me5 years ago
Postcard Please! Thanks :)
KM535 years ago
Trick or Treat, Thank you for the Halloween postcard you will send to me!
Me wants one please. Boo.
Katusha5 years ago
Yay! Something other than junkmail!
mhkabir5 years ago
Me wants one!!!!
cjpetit5 years ago
I would like one!
Me too!
Mutantflame5 years ago
Me please!
fozzy135 years ago
I'd like a postcard!! I still have mine from the last few years : )
nicnacnoo5 years ago
Everybody loves a postcard!! Even me :)
nbeck25 years ago
All Hallow's Eve is my favorite.
I love postcards! I want one please!
usa-infidel5 years ago
A postcard would be BOOOTIFUL!!!
LifeWarrior5 years ago
Last years was great send me another, Thanks!
wirenut19805 years ago
Who has 2 thumbs and would enjoy a postcard? This guy!
gogglecrab5 years ago
I'll take one Halloween postcard with your finest glass of AB+, thank you very much!
My Blood Type is OB ehave. (sorry, Groan)
Homepwner5 years ago
I would love a postcard ! Thank you !
Cool, i would like one!
Happy Halloween
I want one! please!
Can I get one, please
KronoNaut5 years ago
Thanks in advance for the wonderful card.
creasemaker5 years ago
would love to get yhanks
lmccurdy5 years ago
May i please have one?It fits...this is where i get my halloween inspiration
betafish605 years ago
Cool! I want one.
Mr. Noack5 years ago
Yes Please!!! Oh crap, back to my costume build.....
ilpug5 years ago
Ooh, I want one. Don't worry Ible's, you will get to see my epic Halloween costume in return :P
J3443RY5 years ago
ME TOO! I Love celebrating Halloween...and look forward to your 2012 Halloween Card
CrLz5 years ago
Would love one, and Happy Halloween to y'all!
mind of tron.png
doo da do5 years ago
Cards are a good way to make a smile for someone.
bongo girl!5 years ago
I would love one! Thank you!
kaatryn5 years ago
I would love to recieve one! Thank you!
Yes!!!....surely would like to have one!!!.... :D
al_packer5 years ago
I'd rather get "snail mail" any day.
I dont get it. What does an (upside-down boat?) have to do with snail mail? It's probably something really, stupidly obvious isn't it...
Sail boats are slow also, but the enjoyment is in the ride, not the destination.
Yes, please send me one.
shinyegg5 years ago
I'll take one!
race_king5 years ago
I want one, please!
Greetings from Croatia! Please add as for contests!
Hehe, I guess I'll have one too
tihi5 years ago
I would like to receive a postcard, please! :D
Z1ggy5 years ago
Ill take a postcard.
Yes! Postcard please! And thank you.
Gonna have a build day here at home with the kids. Great idea.
dougalh5 years ago
Can I please have a postcard? I'm not sure if I'm already on the list as I've recieved them for the last two years for having my instructable featured but just to make sure :)
FALCON4EVR5 years ago
I am posting this again due to the comment not showing as submitted. I would love because I never get mail at college.
I would like a postcard, I missed this last year. Thank you!
etorticill5 years ago
I'd love to get a postcard. Thank you! :D
pie popper5 years ago
I love getting your hand signed postcards... (the fact that you don't scan the signature on them makes them so much more awesome!) Yes I would like one :D
gagagrace5 years ago
hello! thank you so much for doing this and i love receiving these in the mail! it's a nice change to get something other than junk mail!!!
Hippymike965 years ago
One for me please..... And uh one for my cousins best freinds sister please
Wi115 years ago
Love the postcards! I'd like one for sure!
sonic60125 years ago
I want one too. In fact make that 5 postcards.
Z0M8I35 years ago
I'd love to get another postcard please :)
Dr. Pepper5 years ago
I've been using Instructables for a long time and enjoy getting postcards.
Badger425 years ago
I love instructables! I love seeing new projects, and even trying some.
TheIdrees5 years ago
Wow you guys have inspired me to be the inventor I am today! It is because of you I can build a useless machine without arduino and create a water powered robotic crane! Thank for inspiring this teen inventor to strive for AWESOMENESS!
WOW!!! that's a cool invention!
nicole0red5 years ago
it looks so cool, I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toasty22225 years ago
May I please have a postcard? I absolutely love 'snail mail'!
Will it involve robots?
sporekat5 years ago
I'd love one!
lbrunetta5 years ago
How excellent! Yes, please, I would like a postcard!
......... Too literal? :-P
C1hrisin1235 years ago
I would like a postcard. I am about to post up loads of y Halloween props!
Aik685 years ago
Thank You Instructables!
Aik685 years ago
I love "old fashioned" postcards, I still send them to my dear friends when I travel and I also ask them to do the same for me :-)
Instructables post cards are the best thing about haloween, in fact I wait for them all year long! I would love to have a postcard, please send me one!
I would LOVE one! I try to participate most years, but I'm pretty bad at making instructions :P
VinceJDJ5 years ago
I'd like one please!
alehnhar5 years ago
My birthday is on Halloween! You have to send me one :)
skyisblu5 years ago
I love getting mail, and Instructables mail is way up there on the scale of awesome. Thank you!
Haha, I love getting mail also!
target0225 years ago
I want one! It wouldn't be Halloween without a card from Instructables.
darman125 years ago
Please send me a post card! Great memorabilia!
Id love to get one!
Tkdwn5 years ago
Yes please, I would love to get one!
knota5 years ago
I would enjoy a card. If got one for the past two years. They are pretty awesome!
kranders5 years ago
How did I miss this last year! I'd love one!
Happy Halloween Everybody! :D
Happy Halloween! So stoked to see all the new Halloween inventions! :D
Happy Halloween!!!
bkb25 years ago
Happy Halloween! :-) Postcard!
jerjod5 years ago
Happy Halloween!
I would like one please.
Bernyk5 years ago
*double taps table* "hit me"
techy1015 years ago
Yes please
I'll take one, please.
fargasch5 years ago
An Instructables postcard! Yeah, I'd love to get one! Thanks!
Yes, Please!!
nerd74735 years ago
OCLVig5 years ago
I will be posting some instructables in the Halloween Contest soon. I would like a postcard!
tmallos5 years ago
Happy Halloween!
lemonie5 years ago
I'd like another, it would make the others into a collection.

lunchweek5 years ago
Me! Me do want!
mrehn5 years ago
Thats awesime :) could i habe one?
zurichko5 years ago
I would love one! This would be my third! Huzzah!
ChewChoo5 years ago
I'd love one!
tonysg5 years ago
Halloween was also my favorite holiday of the year, but in the last decade in Puerto Rico it has been on decline. Now I only get to do some crazy Halloween stuff at home with family. I have been preparing this year for Halloween with some stuff I learned in Instructables. From controlling lights to custom looking gelatin there is a lot of fun stuff to create thanks to you. Thanks again for having this site available and keep up the good work!
szraccoon5 years ago
I want one! please!
Sweeteepie5 years ago
Please include me! Happy Halloween!
I'd love one!
evi10ne5 years ago
Rad!! ...may I be counted in?! Thanks!!!
Hack425 years ago
That's so cool! We would love to get one, please.
Thank you so much!
slu6alka5 years ago
Awesome! I would like a card too, please!
I would most certainly enjoy a post card!
You guys are awesome! Thank you.
ElvenChild5 years ago
Yay! Count Dracubot! One for me please!
samaside5 years ago
I forgot to respond to the one you guys sent out last year so definitely in for one this time around!
Andib5 years ago
I would love a postcard, please.
Sold! I'll take one please.
hackmattr5 years ago
I would like one....
Thank You
Kirsch5 years ago
I'd love one!
amywho5 years ago
YAY! I want one!
Happy Halloween to Everyone!
Can I get one ;)
shadowfeet5 years ago
Please Please Please! I want one! ;)
OPaulysPub5 years ago
I got my Halloween card last year and it is still hanging above my workbench. Please send me one again this year. Thank you.
Awesome! I would like a card too, please!
2dragon5 years ago
Awesome Sauce, I would love a post card :)
geekman2315 years ago
Mesa want card!
Weldeon5 years ago
I got one last year and I'd like on this year too! Keep being awesome Instructibles.
jwilliams955 years ago
Its cute, but I have 4 kids so id have to scan it a few times. love it tho!
Peanut5 years ago
Love the postcards - please send us one!
chiczgirlz5 years ago
I would love to get a card
Wow annual postcards!!! I've never gotten 1 of those before i'd love 1 =)
I got mine last year right before we left on a camping trip. Couldn't open it till we got to the sight. Had two official Istructables stickers that we put on the back of my family's twelve-passenger chevy van. It's still there too!
Ride On Toy Dude
(P.S.) I would love a card as well! ;)
I'm from Transylvania, actually. Cheap Dracula stuff everywhere tourists stick around. His castle is 60 miles away. Nevertheless, a card from Instructables is something different. I really love those.
Pat_Maroney5 years ago
Yes please! I look forward to these every year!
farzadbayan5 years ago
Sure I want! ^_*
I'd like one!
me want supercool vampbot card. ;)
Gotta get one.
sounds great
I would LOVE one
donut120035 years ago
I would love one too!
hats99945 years ago
I want one.
Nazkids4255 years ago
pick me!!
cammers5 years ago
yes please
Strangely5 years ago
Ooh! I would like one too, please! And thank you. =)
toelivz5 years ago
Yes, please.
cmcgann5 years ago
These always make my life much happier. I can't wait to get one this year.
doodlecraft5 years ago
I'm in! My favorite holiday too! :)
Lorddrake5 years ago
*jumps up and down waving frantically*

dravenjake5 years ago
Yes, I would like one too!
Tek465m5 years ago
Yes please!!
kwickers5 years ago
Ya! please.
leahleah165 years ago
Me please!
seamster5 years ago
I'd like one!
niki31b5 years ago
Me too! Me too!
Oh, it would be so exciting and fun to get a post card in the mail from Instructables!! I would absolutely love one <3
blossom92835 years ago
I would love a Halloween postcard!
fraz26305 years ago
Would love to receive a postcard from the best website on the net! Thanks!!!
yuhuaabc5 years ago
I'd love to,thank you!This is my first time to receive Halloween postcard! :D
I joined Instructables 1 year ago on October 30th. Happy Birthday to me! I would love a card! And Thanks for such a wonderful web site. Makes me smile.
Sure, send me your postcard, I'm interested to see it.
robdavinci5 years ago
I'd like one to place it next to my 1st instructable turtleduino
indeed! last years was awesome!
I'd love one!
Hugo Boom5 years ago
yes please! :D
Me please!
PatriciaMay5 years ago
A postcard would be lovely! Thank you!
depotdevoid5 years ago
I like getting cool stuff in the mail!
Holy haberdashery Batman! Sign me up!
ctb_winrar5 years ago
Please and thank you! :D
ronopotomus5 years ago
Oh yeah!!! I will be the envy of both my friends :)
oread15 years ago
This looks win :D
I'd love to get a postcard!!
NicoleFalk5 years ago
Yes! I'd love a postcard :)
This time it will be cool too! Yes please!
debistogs5 years ago
I would love a postcard!
felixvences5 years ago
Yes please
origamic125 years ago
Another one this year please!
tamstercmt5 years ago
I would love a postcard! Thanks so much.
lord_kian5 years ago
I got one last year. I would like one this year too.
gg12205 years ago
I would love one, thank you!
M.C. Langer5 years ago
I want!! Please!! Thanks! :-)
st.paul5 years ago
Yes please.
Aside from Mardi Gras, Halloween is the best holiday. Please send me a postcard.
lmangold5 years ago
Yes please!
bwente5 years ago
I got one last year. Thanks!
hdragov15 years ago
GameCat5 years ago
It would be Spook-tacular to get a Halloween postcard from Instructables!!
Shellyj5 years ago
Yes. please.
bwaldron15 years ago
YES Please! it's like a tradition now:) happy halloween!
PeckLauros5 years ago
Hi! Id' like one too.
taka215 years ago
Can I get one? :)
tee10005 years ago
This is awesome, thanks Instructables!
I love the ideas on this site and I would love a card.. thanks!!
MikeAsh125 years ago
I'd like one please!
Goinnbznz5 years ago
Thanks, love this website!
ncoleman25 years ago
Yes please!
I love Instructables. I always look forward to Sunday and Thursday emails from Instructables. I still have the one from last year, Thanks.
babblebot5 years ago
Yes.. I want one... I'll be waiting by the mail box :)
ladyzer05 years ago
I love getting "good" mail!!!
scooter765 years ago
Always love postcards from Instructables
SerJ5 years ago
Yes Please!! :D
A postcard from instructables, cool!
aliencatx5 years ago
Yes please Id like one.
snowboozer5 years ago
I can't think of a reason why I wouldn't want one. Thanks & Happy Halloween.
andymic5 years ago
Postcards! Awesome!
cubeberg5 years ago
I'd like one!
carsurf5 years ago
My grandson and I both love robots so yes please.
Sparkfist5 years ago
Yes please send me a post card! Keep me loving Instructables.
I'd love to get one, thanks!
Sounds awesome!
codename-3c5 years ago
Aw sweet I love getting post! =D One me too please!
acosully5 years ago
heck yes! i got them last year and LOVED it!
gogglebox5 years ago
count me in plz.
SirLeto5 years ago
Wow, thanks guys(and girsl)!
taransa5 years ago
Yes, please! Always love postcards :)
Yes, please send me one, too!
MillieG1015 years ago
I would love to get a Halloween instructables postcard. THANKS!
gmjhowe5 years ago
Yes please, I need to make sure I have the full collection!
lewsidius5 years ago
yes please
bentoboxie5 years ago
I'd like one please.
Yes- me too please!
lmarieisme5 years ago
ZOMG! Please send me an awesome Instructables post card. ::Excited::
Me too please :D
qhale0015 years ago
cbrink5 years ago
Me too
009agent5 years ago
Yes please!! That would be awesome :-)
Awesome! I would like one. :]
jaldana065 years ago
This robot would like one of those.. beep beep bop bop very much
Hiyadudez5 years ago
I think cause Im on the previous years I automatically get put on the list, just incase, yus please :D

Thats the 4th one to go next to the other 3 on my wall :3
Yes please!
absolutely! USPS FTW :)
i want one! happy halloween! :D
brunoip5 years ago
Yes, please!
dczupik5 years ago
sweet, totally want one!
talk2bruce5 years ago
I'd like one. Love the vampire robot design!
yes please!
Lucky7x75 years ago
cool i want one, please
AnimaMage5 years ago
I'd love some physical mail for a change :D
I'd take one :)
If you could send me one that would be great! Thanks!
girlandcat5 years ago
As a lonely college student who never gets mail, I would very much appreciate a card.
DoctorDv5 years ago
A postcard sounds great! Thanks!

jacq01uk5 years ago
I would love a Halloween post card, thank you ;o)
jbarber85 years ago
I would appreciate one, but instead of sending it to me i would like it sent to my girlfriend. We are both instructableajunkies; )
When they ask for your details, just put her details in the form instead of yours.
Dr. P5 years ago
Yes, please!
snarfey5 years ago
I love to get a Halloween card!! Thanks.
adpeth5 years ago
Ooooooo! I love Halloween!
Dr.Bill5 years ago
Always enjoy the Instructable's Halloween Post Card.
deadairman5 years ago
plz send me a post-card with a SNAKE, or a scary BAT, or a big black SPIDER, or a SHRUNKEN HEAD. thanks
Team_Panic5 years ago
YES PLEASE!!!! Halloween is not really celebrated here in Australia, these post cards make it all better
kcli5 years ago
You guys make my day...I'd love a postcard to commentate the season!
Yes Please
tytiger335 years ago
I would like one.
Moem5 years ago
I'd love one, to hang in our hackerspace.
Moem Moem5 years ago
Oh, and please and thank you!
rrkrose5 years ago
Ooh! Ooh! I want one!!! Thank you!
Sweet! I totally want postcard!

mole15 years ago
Yes please. Love mail from the robot!
DJ Radio5 years ago
I'd want one!
I would like one too please!
Thanks and Happy Halloween!!!
schumi235 years ago
ooo, this sounds great! I'd love to get one!
krysteanuh5 years ago
Ooh! Yes please~! I love getting these every year (:
tonyboy135 years ago
awesome !!!!!!
sath025 years ago
I would love to receive one too! Thanks!!!
sunshiine5 years ago
Please and thanks in advance. Hope your day shines!
rptech5 years ago
See, this is why I love this site
I would like to have one please :) Thanks!