Instructables and Squid Labs have moved!

Instructables and Squid Labs have moved! We finally ran out of space in our Emeryville warehouse. During November, there were literally people sitting on the ground working on their laptops because we didn't have enough desks, space for desks, or even chairs to sit in.

We're now located in a secret location somewhere on an island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay with plenty of space and spectacular views. Since that free barge on Craigslist was taken before we could get there, I guess it's not much of a secret location considering there are only two possible spots left.

Check out our new digs at the old the Alameda Naval base control tower. Yes, we are actually in the control tower building. There's three guns in the front, plenty of parking for school buses and free boats, and it's tough to beat the view from my office.

More pictures here:

Directions to the control tower here.

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Holy Crap! the Bay area has the largest concentration of do-it-your-own-freaking-self-awesome-win then anywhere else on the planet, hands down. If only I didn't live on the other side of the country.
nepheron8 years ago
Don't Myth Busters blow stuff up near you?
thats what I was thinking.....
plusbryan10 years ago
ewilhelm, How on earth did you obtain such an awesome office? We're looking for office space and it all suddenly seems so passe. The guns really pull the place together.
how on earth, no, how on virtual mars, yea
yes, I'm addicted to exploring google maps. case in point:

I think I found your secret lair!

Am I close?
lol, and i found some way and goa waygoa way get it? goa way go away?
ewilhelm (author)  benjiwenjifoofoo10 years ago
Shields up!
Ahh, but can you fire those three big guns with shields up? :P

You guys really do have a lot of free boat parking :P

Is that police training area you mentioned awhile back just south of your location? You can easily see a well used path on Google maps just south of your location :)
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