Instructables member 'Nepheron' has left the site

Member 'Nepheron' has decided to withdraw from the community, unexpectedly.

He deleted most of his instructables and removed information from the rest, rendering them useless.
The only one left is Sugru metal casting.
It mentions on his profile that he no longer wishes to participate in the community...

Has anyone talked with him or have information on why he left?

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And now we know why it's best to step back for a couple days, and not act rashly.

(Of course, it's an easy mistake to make, so I'm not judging the guy...but yes, we can all learn from the missteps of others.)
zieak7 years ago
I noticed that he pulled his projects right after the winners were announced and I emailed him about it. He was firm in his stance but really appreciated my email. His contributions will definitely be missed!
nickodemus (author)  zieak7 years ago
I was considering emailing him, but I didn't want to pester him - I'm sure he has received many recent emails about this!
From the title i thought he died, and was sad. Then I find out he just had a hissy fit, and felt meh.
Same. :D

(If anyone ever does die, nobody will ever even click on the forum post; they'll just think "meh, somebody ELSE stomped off mad...)
Well, that one, kind of, explicitly states he died.
Kind of explicitly?
Well, I wanted to imply, explicitly, that that title explicitly, sort of, stated he died, so Kiteman wouldn't feel bad about missing an obvious, but subtle point.
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