Instructables member 'Nepheron' has left the site

Member 'Nepheron' has decided to withdraw from the community, unexpectedly.

He deleted most of his instructables and removed information from the rest, rendering them useless.
The only one left is Sugru metal casting.
It mentions on his profile that he no longer wishes to participate in the community...

Has anyone talked with him or have information on why he left?

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And now we know why it's best to step back for a couple days, and not act rashly.

(Of course, it's an easy mistake to make, so I'm not judging the guy...but yes, we can all learn from the missteps of others.)
zieak5 years ago
I noticed that he pulled his projects right after the winners were announced and I emailed him about it. He was firm in his stance but really appreciated my email. His contributions will definitely be missed!
nickodemus (author)  zieak5 years ago
I was considering emailing him, but I didn't want to pester him - I'm sure he has received many recent emails about this!
From the title i thought he died, and was sad. Then I find out he just had a hissy fit, and felt meh.
Same. :D

(If anyone ever does die, nobody will ever even click on the forum post; they'll just think "meh, somebody ELSE stomped off mad...)
Well, that one, kind of, explicitly states he died.
Kind of explicitly?
Well, I wanted to imply, explicitly, that that title explicitly, sort of, stated he died, so Kiteman wouldn't feel bad about missing an obvious, but subtle point.
woot, they make tandem bikes that have a reverse gear.
I meant no disrespect, of course! I meant "after this date"...didn't mean to go excluding people.

(Also, what TUA said)
Only Superman can backpeddle as fast as you to go back in time. Ask Dr. Nacho to check on that boot-in-mouth disease.
. hmmmm. Worst case I've ever seen.
Allow me to rephrase...

"If, at some future time, one of us dies and someone makes a forum topic to announce it, nobody will read the topic, because of a million topics that have LOOKED like "x died" announcements but have in reality NOT been such, conditioning members to simply ignore such announcements, saying 'meh'."
I've asked my wife to make me the biggest tackiest roadside memorial ever, even if I don't die in a car accident. I'll be sure to have her include the thumbnail in the post.

So, if you see.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, TUA has left the building" accompanied by a picture of a rain sodden pile of teddy bears, assume the worst.
XD That's hilarious and sad all at once!
Alas, poor TUA, we knew him not.
I believe it's "We wish we knew him not."
.  Is that anything like The Boy Who Cried Wolf?
Allow us to quote you...substituting in the word "dies, died" with "leaves, left K'NEX" and add that to the database used by the quick reply button.
I concur. Have her do two ibles and get a third opinion in the morning..
nickodemus (author)  Tool Using Animal5 years ago
Sorry, the title does look that way... I just thought it was worth informing the community, it surprised me entirely to find out that he did this.
gmjhowe5 years ago
I think basically, they had not read the contest rules, and were under the impression that basically the top 10 voted ibles were the ones that would win the prizes.

Once one gets themselves into the mind set that they have one the first prize for sure. Its easy to see why they might feel annoyed.

I felt the replies to his comments were well suited, myself included, and that we kindly explained the situation.
nickodemus (author)  gmjhowe5 years ago
Took me a while to find the comment, I understand exactly what happened now.
All the responses were kind, he just really over-reacted.
Kiteman5 years ago
Ouch, that's a bit of a sulky way to go!

He could have simply stopped using the site, but to vandalise your own work like that is, IMO, immature and selfish.

Having said that, I would hope he gives himself a chance to cool off, then re-posts his stuff - he has the promise of a great Maker.
nickodemus (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
All his instructables were well written, and he is very talented. I respect his wish to leave, but it appalled be that he would destroy his published works...
Kryptonite5 years ago
I find that a real shame, I've been following Nepheron for a bit and all of his work is brilliant. He still has his site up and running though.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
A good guess would be he felt slighted in the Sugru contest by the comment there. The reaction seems a bit extreme but it is his prerogative.