Is $15.00 "cheap"

I want to know: is $15.00 "cheap" enough, or not, please

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For what, Meh, it depends, I don't think I've paid anything to make any of my 'ibles, umm lemme have a look and a think. Umm nope, not one, any of them that need materials they come in at a few quid at most...
coolz (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
good for you!! You actually deserve to be in a group called "The Cheapskate Instructables"
Yeah I'm working on a few good one's now, they're all cheap as chips... one of them literally means taking a walk an picking up some bits of rubbish to make...
coolz (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Do you like my instructables?
Yeah they're pretty cool, the pen one is a great cheapskate thing to do, I'm not a massive cheapskate, I like having nice things but wont pay for them if I don't have to, also saving my wages for the weekends...
ERROR 400: no member: coolz what happend?
Its Radioactive's old profile, he got banned, yada yada yada...
Really? I thought he just started up another profile to change the name... What was he banned for?
you were right on that
And now it's DJ radio.... When will you settle with something you like?
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