Is Pro Membership worth the cost?

I purchase one membership to a technical or DIY site each year. I like instructables and i have made several things I have seen on here. I am wondering from those that have tried both the pro and free membership, is pro worth the money? I am considering the two year subscription since it is at a good price. I would just like the input of others before I decide.

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I love having pro and would definately buy it if I had to. However, like Kiteman, I get my pro free by posting instructables that get featured. You say you've made several things you found here. Right now, I have a forum thread giving away free pro memberships for "I made it" comments. Check it out and maybe you could try out pro free to help you decide.

longp2000 (author)  Brooklyntonia2 years ago

Thanks, I actually made one last night.

vishnu11 year ago
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Kiteman2 years ago

Best answer is "it depends".

If you want to download instructables to use away from your computer, if you want to dramatically reduce the advertising that clutters the screen, then yes.

Of course, you can get a pro membership for free, just by posting cool instructables that get featured, or by winning a contest.