Is this lion battery bank expensive? 150AH @12-14v

I was thinking about how much would cost making a lion battery bank with enough amps/hours to feed a car audio system (stereo + sub amp). Since this setup would drain around 25-30AH I definitely want a battery bank with around 150 AH capacity to get at least around 4 hours of music at max potency. Woulds this be so expensive? I know that lion batteries are getting cheaper and cheaper, but any idea about how much would this cost? I have made a research on ebay and amazon, I could not get an average idea, and considering many brands lie about the specs, I better first ask here to hopefully get some references. Thanks.

Downunder35m4 months ago

Why not use a cheap inverter generator instead?
All you need is fuel...

Yonatan244 months ago

I'm not sure li-ion batteries and hot cars mix very well. On a hot summer day, your car can make the battery an explosion hazard.

I don't know what you call expensive, but I wouldn't call it cheap! And keep in mind that batteris don't last forever.

johanx4 (author)  Yonatan244 months ago

Hey, it's not intended for using it inside a car, but outdoors, etc.