JPG Upload gets stuck

As I am working on a somewhat picture heavy instructable I running almost all the times I try to upload pictures into the following problem:

I select the files/images I want to upload and add to the step I'm working on, hit the upload files button and wait for the magic to happen. Then it starts uploading. Then on a seemingly random file the upload stops and I have to cancel that file. The upload then continues until it stops again, sometimes on the next file, sometimes it uploads some other files in between.
When I had to cancel the upload of the last picture once, all the images did cancel (at least they didn't show up in the library). Normally on a second or third try the images upload fine. There was also one that was corrupted but then I got a error message back and the upload of the other files worked fine.

I am using Firefox 20.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro

uersel (author) 4 years ago
In the meantime Iswitched to use chrome instead of firefox to edit my instructables and it turns out that it's more reliable in uploading large batches of pictures
mikeasaurus4 years ago
Try to keep your files under 3Mb in size, and upload in small batches to minimize hiccups if an error occurs.
blkhawk4 years ago
Reducing the size of the pictures help. I ran into the same problem once and after selecting pictures with less resolution the upload went fast.
Dr. P4 years ago
Feeling your pain. I got my image to load in the Help message I sent, but not in the Instructable.