Join the Drawing & Art group!

Hey everyone! My name is Renée and I love to draw.

If you haven't already, feel free to submit your art instructables to the group!
Let's make more stuff and share our techniques.

You can add your art themed instructable by clicking on this button in the sidebar:

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hanryjames1 month ago

I have already applied...

almulopez4 months ago

I have already applied to enter :)

starowij8 months ago

Looks really cute :D ill post my works here someday :)

Tkiller5099 months ago

i will if the leader lets me

ya I gave up on them good luck

Triclaw11 months ago

I have been trying to join this group but it don't seem to work

Hey Renée, I really like your self portrait!

Here is my self portrait instructable:

Very nice!

Ding Larry1 year ago

My first instructable!

S i need all my SPACE galix.jpg41.jpgS MY SPACE PLANETS2.jpg

Check out my first instructable!

Sorry, I just wanted to erase my comments because I didn't like them.

Here are some sketches I did (on regular paper)



Kind grandfather