Kid pulls tooth out with a rocket

This kid wanted to pull out his tooth his way and that way happens to involve a rocket. So rocket + string + tooth = one fast extraction. Check it out.

via Geekologie

Picture of Kid pulls tooth out with a rocket
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2hot2hack6 years ago
i would laugh if the rocket pulled his top and bottom row of teeth (and his gums. lol
you sir r a messed up human being hahaha
The fact that he had the string UNDER his arms that were together holding the launch controls makes it a bit scary....if it had caught on him somewhere the rocket could have be 'redirected" back at them.......and you don't want that thing near you either then the engine is still firing or when it tries to pop the parachute out....
i am wondering how anyone thought this was a good idea...
I don't see any positives to it either, except the "look what (stupid thing) I did!" factor :-)

Without the string "under the arms" the tooth would have been yanked at a very acute angle and could have resulted in gum injury.  

The way it was done, yanked it out in the proper direction but could have resulted in severe burns if the rocket was yanked off course and back "at them".     

Rockets are not something to "play" with lightly....I've seen what they can do.  
=SMART=7 years ago
Hahaha thats awesome, Imagine if they tied it to the wrong tooth !
wat ever happened to getting the plyers out of the shed and pulling it that way
ROAFROAF6 years ago
You are the man!! jahahahahhaaa
zascecs7 years ago

...Imagine people giving birth this way. =P
Wow.... I'm visualizing it now....... Hilarious!!!! HAHAHA
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