K'nex Ball Machine Contest - Elements


I've decided to run a small contest, in the hopes of us folk here at instructables coming up with some new and exciting ball machine elements and lifts.

All you need to do is post a photo and description (video would be awesome too!) of your newfangled ball machine element or lift in the comments below. The criteria you will be judged by are originality, execution and aesthetics.

The deadline is October 31st, giving you a whole month to work on your elements/lifts. Judging will be done my myself, and the winner will be announced shortly after.

The winner will receive a 3 month Pro Membership, and if there are 10 or more entries, the winner will receive a 1 year Pro membership, and the runner up a 3 month Pro Membership.

Good luck to all!


Update: Winner announced!

Judging has taken place! There were many good entries - I thank you all for your participation. The winner I have chosen is Martijnd95 with his concave bowl. He will receive a 3 month pro membership for his creation.

Thanks everybody!

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GeekBeam5 years ago
I've recently begun making new ball machine parts, although most of them that I have bouncing around in my head are variations of the ones we all know and love (hate)...such as a very large ball arm, somwhat similar to the ball alternators on Darth Trainman's guide (https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Knex-Ball-Machine-Elements/step19/Ball-Alternators/)
I_am_Canadian (author)  GeekBeam5 years ago
Nice dude! Build a ball machine and include your ideas, I think thats the best way to do it.
martijnb956 years ago
well there is it. the elements instructable from elevationhttps://www.instructables.com/id/elevation-elements/
here are some examples:
I_am_Canadian (author)  martijnb956 years ago
Awesome! Could you describe to me how the first one works?
well, the ball enters at the end of the yellow connector path and it rolls to the other end. when the ball touches the yellow rod it will turn it and the part under the arm won't lean on the blue rod, so the arm can turn and the ball leaves the element.
You could use that concept in reverse to make an unmotorised lift.
I_am_Canadian (author)  martijnb956 years ago
Ah, very cool! Thanks!
how many entries? (im too lazy to count :P)
Sorunome6 years ago
I forgot to enter..... D:
I_am_Canadian (author)  Sorunome6 years ago
If you can get your entry in before tomorrow I'll take it :-)
I was in bed when you posted that.... D:
Well, if it is still possible:
If you don't take it, I understand.....I shouldn't forget the next Contests........

Update 1 of exodus has 3 entries.

The lift at 2:55 and elements at 0:56 and 1:45

Update 2 has 1 entry

The lift at 0:25

sorry that the video isnt posted here, my computer is stupid.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Purple Waffles6 years ago
Sweet. thanks!
I_am_Canadian (author) 6 years ago
Only two days left!!
KneXtreme6 years ago
This is my entry. https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Half-Pipe-Element/
Oops I forgot the photo for my entry, Here it is:

I_am_Canadian (author)  CassisDude986 years ago
I'm sorry, but this was posted before this contest was hosted, so I can't accept it.
I got an idea for a new lift. hehehehe imma win that pro membership ;-)
MegaMetal86 years ago
Might have ago if i get an idea.
You should post that door lift. It looks very cool and piece- friendly.
yes i will. but it's in elevation now, so i have to take that down first.
martijnb956 years ago
many elements from my ball machine flashbackhttps://www.instructables.com/id/rolling-arm-lift/
instructions for the rolling arm lift.
I_am_Canadian (author)  martijnb956 years ago

I'll accept the spiral bowl, but the entries need to be brand-new - the lift is a few months old, so I'm afraid I cant accept it.

Thanks very much! You're the only entrant thus far.
ok i understand you only accept the bowl.
i hope there will be more entrants :)
By the way, It is really cool your doing a knex contest at the other contest nothing of my stuff got acapted

Thanks this is just AWSOME!!!!!
I_am_Canadian (author)  CassisDude986 years ago
You bet!!
martijnb956 years ago
well those are my entries :-)
martijnb956 years ago
1: bowl, it's a spiral bowl without spiral, so the ball will roll longer
2:door lift. more info at
martijnb956 years ago
now i have to be fast. elevation must down before oct 31!
RNB6 years ago
I'll enter probably!
I_am_Canadian (author)  RNB6 years ago
Sweetup! Have fun and good luck!
does it really need to be elements or can it also be lifts because I just finished a new lift, ( I am a great fan!!)
Ok i like to enter with this: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Quarter-Arm-Lift/
I_am_Canadian (author)  CassisDude986 years ago
Sure, I'll accept lifts as well. Cheers!
KneXtreme6 years ago
Cool! I'm working on a ball machine and have all ready made several new elements. By the way, can I post more than one, or make a guide of ball machine elements?
I_am_Canadian (author)  KneXtreme6 years ago
You can put in as many entries as you'd like! Post a guide if you think you have enough sweet ideas!

Looking forward to seeing what you've got!
OK, thanks!
~KGB~6 years ago
Meh, i might have a shot at it.....
I_am_Canadian (author)  ~KGB~6 years ago
Ill try =D
Mr. walrus6 years ago
Sweet! Now all i got to do is find my knex... do we have to use knex? I know it says so in the title but not in the description so just wondering!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Mr. walrus6 years ago
Yes, all the entries must be made out of K'nex.

Good luck!
mikeasaurus6 years ago
if you get more than 10 entries in this contest I'll put up a 1-year Pro Membership as part of the prize!
I_am_Canadian (author)  mikeasaurus6 years ago
Awesome! I'll edit that in. Thanks so much!