Knex Revolvers

i know some people are trying to make revolvers so i thought everyone could work together to make a great one. i have made a pistol with a single action and almost a double action but revovling the cylinders may be very difficult

Picture of Knex Revolvers
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Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 10 years ago
ok danny boy!!
i have a concept so that when you pull the trigger it will revolve too... we could make it together after i finish the MG...
how is the mg coming along?
soon ill finish it... im just not sure if the small maxima engine would be fast enough... if not i think ill make it hand cranked like it was meant to be...
what ever you think is best
ok we probably have the same idea but it is just how to make it work and keep it compact
its compact, it works like a real revolver... i study guns a lot but just for knowledge...
me too
the real automatic ones are cool... i like the recoil mechanism best cause you can probably feel it when you shoot...
you will!! did anyone see that asian guy teseting a rifle and it had so much recoil it blew him over?
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