Knife's Edge- Sketch Up

This is a design I came up with and drew (i guess is the term) into sketch up. The Wings swivel up (shown in second Set of pics). This took about 10-15 hrs of drawing and about 2 hrs of rendering. The wings swivel to maneuver and when landing inside atmosphere. I haven't added weaponry and such so it's still a WIP. But suggestions are welcomed.
Tech Specs:
- Engines:             10 engines (4 small  large)
-Take Off type:       VTOL
- Class:                  Frigate
- Operation zone: Space/ Atmosphere
And for you sketch Up and rendering junkies...  used 40 passes in each render.

Picture of Knife's Edge- Sketch Up
Knife's Edge- Front.jpg
Knife's Edge- back corner.jpg
Knife's Edge- back.jpg
Knife's edge- front corner VTOL.jpg
Knife's edge- back corner VTOL.jpg
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lol, wow! anyone feel like funding a private military?
ry25920 (author)  nutsandbolts_646 years ago
Depends... Do we have Neilson from Mercenaries?
Depends if the price is fair... I guess I'll fire up Garry's Mod and try to make something like that (complete with weaponry!).
ry25920 (author) 7 years ago Anyone who's interested in my other work, check there.
I LOVE UR WORK!!!! its awesome, any others?
ry25920 (author)  FrozenIce6 years ago Just posted