Let Er Rip guys.

I just put a new Forum up on my server. I want to see what it's breaking point is and also would find it handy to get ANY feedback from it, I know there will be a couple things astrew on my forum, but for the most part it's your average SMF forum, with a little bit of work done to it to set up the settings to my likings and changed the theme.

I know there are a malicious few that will stumble across my forum link (not necessarily members on this website), but I welcome the testing of my server's security, as I also need to know of any leaks.

Also, aside from the testing aspect of my forum, I welcome new users, as I would like to have a user-base of more than 5-6 people, just makes things more exciting ya-kno? I plan to make computer utilities accessible to members and guests, however all other downloads are off limits to guests, you must register, although I haven't really got much to download, there are a couple things to see in there so far.

I thank any one of you's who takes time to look this over for me.

However, don't try any funny stuff with my ftp access or the rest of my system, as it's set up fairly well and tight and you'll most likely get yourself automatically banned, the Apache, mysql, and php however, I do not think are completely secure, like I said, do test it out.

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Punkguyta (author) 8 years ago
What? No one wants to try out my forum?? Apparently I just look like im trying to advertise my website on here, hence, no one replying. Rest assured there's nothing to advertise on that site, It's a blanker, and im testing out the features of it.
Server = Down
Punkguyta (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
Check back again, I suppose I forgot to mention that it does come down for repair once in a while.

Oh yeah, not to mention the Fu****?* hydro went off like 4 times yesturday, and my server is set up to not come back on after a power outage (I suppose I should have a UPS). But being all the computers I have hooked up, I try not to have them all come on at once (biggg surge)
you can set them to wake on lan and set one to come back and wake the others but to save electricity i suggest to choose one computer (preferably pentium 3 and older or core duo and newer) and not have others running all the time
Punkguyta (author)  110100101108 years ago
Well, that for a minute, I thought was an awesome idea, but I just remembered, our outages around here are a little abbrupt. It usually comes back on for like 10-15 seconds and then go off again for an undetermined amount of time. I've often thought about wake on lan, just to have it set up so I can power up a machine without having to go turn it on. I have the network cards that will support it, but I would need a good handful of Wol cables. If you want an idea of what I'd want to be able to boot on my network: One ibook g4 One pentium 4 2.66 avi encoding rig One AMD sempron 2.0 One Celeron 2.0 (My server, that's a must to have WOL) One PIII 550 One PIII 1000mhz One R51 thinkpad (is wireless WOL possible???) One B&W G3 (built in ethernet prolly has wol?) I have 2 more older AMD K6 machines I want to put on the network (answering machine services and the other one? PRolly just to heat my room)
try to move as much as possible into one box and run only it all of the time i rarely leave a box on all the time and if yes its a 500 mhz pentium 3 or a pentium mmx you can use cdrom audio cables for wol. just move the 3 wires to adjacent holes and stich it on the 3 pins in the hader in the right direction use a fridge protector on the computer. it has a protection that waits few min before powering up ater a power failure
Punkguyta (author)  110100101108 years ago
Oh, that's a great few ideas you have there, and yes, I have oodles of cd rom cables. What do you mean by put them all in one box and run all the time?
i estimate power use of computers without monitor as

P1 / PMMX 30 - 40 W
P3 50 - 80 W
P4 100 - 140 W
laptop 20 - 30 W
box with AMD cpu = 1.2 - 1.5 X equivalent box with intel cpu power use
box with celeron = 0.9 X box with equivalent pentium

see what amount of boxes running and what boxes are sufficient
Punkguyta (author)  110100101108 years ago
Well right now I only need 2-3 computers running at a time, but I've been running my other machines to heat my room up (it's F-in cold at night bro) I want to cluster my spare computers, but I have no idea what I could even do with them that would benefit me, I don't need to render 3D scenes and i dont need to research cancer proteins.
TOR megaserver ? computers really heat up rooms. but the network cable clothesline over the crt monitor is the best
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