List of Upcoming Contests (updated 1/5/15)

Hello everyone! It was recently suggested that we should have a list of upcoming contests available on the site. This was something we used to do in our author newsletter, but now it will have a permanent place on the forums. :D

The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. Big sponsored contests also might not show up on here - sometimes it's a big time crunch at the end, so I won't be able to plan in advance. Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. We're always finding fancy new companies to supply prizes so dates are subject to change!

11/3-1/19 - Wood Contest
11/10-1/5 - Winter Wearables Contest
11/17-1/12 - Indoor Gardening Contest

11/24-1/19 - Papercraft Contest
12/1-1/5 - Sweet Tooth Contest
12/1-1/12 - Homemade Gift Contest

12/8-1/5 - Mason Jar Challenge
12/15-1/12 - Minecraft Challenge
12/22-1/12 - Crock Pot Challenge
12/22-1/19 - Let's Party! Challenge

12/29-1/19 - Paracord Challenge
1/5-2/16 - On a Budget Contest
1/5-1/26 - Superfood Challenge
1/12-4/6 - Explore Science Contest
1/12-2/2 - Rubber Band Challenge
1/19-3/16 - Small Spaces Contest
1/19-2/9 - Tailgate Challenge
2/2-2/23 - Date Night Dinners Challenge
2/2-2/23 - Ring Challenge
2/9-3/2 - Home Remedy Challenge
2/9-3/23 - Apocalypse Preparedness Contest
2/16-3/16 - CNC Challenge
2/16-3/16 - Tool Maintenance Challenge
2/23-4/6 - Let's Play! Contest
2/23-3/16 - Necklace Challenge
3/2-3/30 - Pi Day Pie Challenge

*All contests subject to change.

Please leave suggestions for prizes here.
You can also leave suggestions about contests here.
Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!


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what's with the make it glow contest???

Seeing there is a necklace challenge and a ring challenge coming up, is that instead of the usual jewelry contest or additional?

goldlego9 days ago

Does anyone know what's going on with the Make it Glow contest? It says its closed but the neither the finalists nor the winners have been announced...

There's a whole post about this topic.

Just sponsor things as usual I guess :)

Will the CNC challege be for instructables showing how to make a CNC machine (ex.3D Printer) or will it be for instructables showing how to make something using a CNC machine (ex.3D Printed design)?

Wired_Mist13 days ago

Any info on the Let's Play contest?

more sports and rec, or gaming? mabye more?

tomatoskins14 days ago

Are bungie cords or surgical tubing allowed in the Rubber Band Challenge?

www13914 days ago

are you going to do a rods and connectors contest??!! please do it!

Are we going to see a books-to-life contest this year? Or a boat contest? It's not that I have a project that would cover both, or anything like that . . .

Home gym project contest?

So what's the deal with the Enchanted Objects contest?

That and the wall overhaul contest. It's been a little less than a month since judging ended.

The wall overhaul contest was held up by Olympic paint, they had to approve the finalists or something. At least that's what the email sent said. :) Don't know about the other one.

What email? I didn't see an email.

The email that was sent out to the finalists.

They put up finalists for the wall overhaul yesterday, so the winners will likely be announced in a few days. Basically, they just entered judging. Choosing finalists must have been held up by the sponsor.

I swear the Enchanted Objects contest had finalists announced already, but now it is back to all entries. I must say, I am not very impressed with the staff member that took over the contests.

<crickets chirping>

I love your contests Instructables!!!!! I'd like to suggest something- why don't you sent a certificate for each prize one gets? That way these prizes will be given importance and recognised as an extracurricular achievement. It will be a great favour for students like me!!!


It seems like a fair amount of trouble to actually print and mail these, since contest prizes aren't personalized. However, it might not be too much trouble to send you an email with a printable version.

I like this idea, would be a cool add-on to a prize pack.

I like the idea of some sort of certificate to nail to a workshop wall or use for whatever other reasons as Tim mentioned.

Won't there be any Valentine's Day Contest this year?

Well we have a Date Night and Ring Contest. Definitely Valentines day related, but not quite on the nose.

Thanks!! I would miss the original VDay Contest.

kama7919 days ago

I can not add my Intructables to the contest

On A Budget Contest

Looks like you're in the contest pending review. I just approved you so you should be good to go.
Remember all entries have to be reviewed by a person before being accepted to a contest. Pending doesn't mean you're not in, just that the admins haven't found you yet.

Oh ok thanks and apology

k00lk0der20 days ago

whats the Explore Science and the Small Space Contest

I am unable to link my instructables to the SUPER FOOD CONTEST. Please advice. Thank you.

Which of your instructables do you want to enter into the contest? We can only allow entries that were published on Jan 5th and after. Are you getting any kind of error message?

Yeah, I published it on 5th Jan only. I have 2 instructables that I would want to link to Super Food Contest. Please see links below:



Alright they're both in now! Looks like you hit a slight glitch in our system, it's all fixed now! Good luck!

Oh great! Thank you for the quick response and quick fix.

Kiteman22 days ago

Hmm, what's the "explore science" contest going to involve?

Attmos23 days ago

Am I missing something? Why, all of a sudden, has everyone gone "swing" crazy? Just curious.

I was noticing the same thing. They all seem to be portable in one way or another.

They're all part of the same industrial design class. They got an assignment to make a swing that was easy to carry around and set up. The teacher directed them to upload an instructable and is grading them on their projects. Some of them are quite unique.

Ha, I was just about to ask that same question.

(Thinking out loud, if old-style groups were still active, the teacher could have collected all the projects there.)

How cool is that....

I wish Instructables had been around when I was in school. Cool teacher.

CreativeFix23 days ago

I can't wait for the pupaet contest! :D

Not_Tasha24 days ago

Is the "On a Budget" Contest still happening? Will the contest list be updated soon?


It will go live later today :)

Contest and updated list going live today? :) Excited to plan new entries!

updated list is updated :)

Please remember all contests are subject to change for a variety of reasons, but it should give you an idea of what's coming down the pipe and let you prepare a little ahead of time :D


k00lk0der24 days ago

Is there a raspberry pi contest in this year

sadyal29 days ago

whats the superfood contest

Miniboom1 month ago

Do you have any idea when the K'nex challenge is on. Because I can't wait to enter one.

JM1999 Miniboom1 month ago

The knex challenge for this year has been and gone, it should be next year around the same sort of time.

Try looking out for it around June next year, that is when the last one was on.

Miniboom JM19991 month ago

Cool, I just wanted the sort of date, so thanks!

JM1999 Miniboom1 month ago

That's totally fine, I'm glad I could help!

Not_Tasha1 month ago

How strict are we on the types of jars that are considered Mason Jars? Specifically have to say Mason, or are other brands and shapes fine too? I have a ton of these (along with varying size Mason) different canning jars. Thanks!

2014-12-08 17.33.10.jpg

No glass tops as in the contest picture? Thanks!!!

Any types of jars will be allowed into the contest, we just had a quick pow wow and that's where we landed!

What about these? Thanks!

2014-12-14 16.34.48.jpg

Well that's a bottle I'm pretty sure. Try to looks for something that doesn't have a neck.

Awesome! Thanks!!!

lime3D1 month ago

The 'Enter' link on the Protected Contest does not work

There is definitely something wrong with that page. Not only does the link not work, but the links that are at the top right of EVERY page for log in are not there either.

Still not working.

JM1999 lime3D1 month ago

You can double check it by hovering the mouse over the "follow" button, a white URL line should appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.

If you hover the mouse over the "enter" button no link shows up, you are totally correct.

elyk_ih JM19991 month ago

the follow key works

elyk_ih lime3D1 month ago

thats wierd

AnnaW23 months ago

Are These Contests In 2014 or 2015? Or Did I Miss Them?

JM1999 AnnaW23 months ago

All these contests are 2014.

I'm sure the list will be updated soon to display 2015 contests though.

The only ones on this list that haven't been run yet are the following:

October 6th through November 17th - Super Heros and Super Villains
October 13th through November 3rd - Pumpkin Challenge
November 3rd through January 5th - Wood Contest
November 10th through December 1st - Butter Challenge
November 10th through January 5th - Winter Wearables
November 10th through December 22nd - Papercraft
November 17th through January 12th - Indoor Gardening Contest
November 17th through December 8th - Minecraft Challenge
December 1st through December 29th - Dessert Challenge

elyk_ih JM19991 month ago

thats not true

vanweb1 month ago

The first prize picture for does not match the prize list...

Great job on a really good mix of current contests.

Thanks! It's nice to get feedback when we are doing well and not just when people are displeased! :D

vanweb1 month ago

On the Homemade gifts contest is a gift that you design but that you send to an online 3d printing company (Shapeways) to actually "make" considered "homemade"?

As long as you designed it then it's cleared to go into the contest!

Not_Tasha2 months ago

candle making, beeswax projects...

something with coffee

Not_Tasha2 months ago

Ideas: jewelry making, geek jewelry, glue, decoupage, clocks, pet accessories, wildlife habitats (like bat house etc.), geocaching, recycled materials projects, LEDs, pottery/clay, rockets/flight, wearables, cake decorating....

Will crepe paper, tissue paper and card paper be considered as paper?

I don't see why not. They're all types of paper and there were at least a few entries that were cardboard last year. It may not be the type of thing people are looking for when voting, since all the winners last year were more typical paper. I would assume they would be admissible, though. The contest moderators are of course the final word.

I have a fire project and it needs aluminum foil to stop the paper from burning, will it be allowed?

Yup, those will all be included! We will even have a special judges prize for cardboard!

Wow! Sounds great!

I have a fire project and it needs aluminum foil to stop the paper from burning, will it be allowed?

Renard_Bleu2 months ago

Will the Christmas contest be open to instructables published prior to the release date (i.e. Now)?

Usually only the Halloween contests allow for entries made before the official contest posting is up. For any new contests, save publishing your project till after the announcement, if you already published, then make something else to enter when the time comes. Good luck.

enelson82 months ago

the tech it contest seems to be running behind or hasn't updated yet, does anyone know anything about that?

And I also think that some type of "hack an rc vehicle" contest would be interesting

It's a sponsored contest that got 600 entrants, that unfortunately can take a while to sift through. But it will update eventually as soon as the sponsor is 110% sure of who they're picking.
I agree the hacking an rc vehicle would be fun, I'd love to see what our community would come up with.

Any word on the little bits tech contest?

Yup... They got about 600 (!!!) Entries

Will they announce the results today????

Depending on the status of the judges it *may* be *up to* 2 weeks late on the announcement.

SparkySolar2 months ago

Thank you, for accpting my Puking Pumpkin into the contest. This was my first Contest, and I had a lot of fun.

I also learned a lot.

I bought a lot of things tools projects for Christmas

and I love to prepare forthe season

SparkySolar2 months ago

Thank you, for accpting my Puking Pumpkin into the contest. This was my first Contest, and I had a lot of fun.

I also learned a lot.

I bought a lot of things tools projects for Christmas

and I love to prepare forthe season

vanweb3 months ago

Any word on contests around Christmas? Toys / Gifts etc? I have more time then and also have a special person that needs gifts.. Sometimes the contest inspire me with ideas!

There will be a special judges prize for a toy in the wood contest :)

So there will not be a gift contest this year? :-(

No gift contest, sorry, but we think that entries that would normally be entered into that contest will be able to be entered into other contests that we have going on :)

Glad they changed their mind! I now see a gift contest listed!! Yay!

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