List of Upcoming Contests (updated 6/8/17)

Hello everyone! It was recently suggested that we should have a list of upcoming contests available on the site. This was something we used to do in our author newsletter, but now it will have a permanent place on the forums. :D

The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. Big sponsored contests also might not show up on here - sometimes it's a big time crunch at the end, so I won't be able to plan in advance.

Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. We're always finding fancy new companies to supply prizes so dates are subject to change!

6/5/2017 - 7/31/17 - Invention Challenge
6/19/2017 - 8/14/17 - #Vanlife Contest
6/26/2017 - 7/24/17 - Unusual Uses Challenge
6/26/17 - 8/21/17 - 
Fidget Spinner Design Challenge (learn about Design Challenges here!)
7/3/2017 - 8/28/17 - Home Improvement Contest
7/10/2017 - 10/2/17 - Outside Contest
7/10/2017 - 8/7/17 - Beat The Heat Challenge
7/17/2017 - 9/11/17 - Box Contest
7/17/2017 - 8/14/17 - Gluten Free Challenge
7/24/2017 - 9/18/17 - Make it Fly! Contest
7/24/2017 - 9/18/17 - First Time Author Contest
7/31/2017 - 8/28/17 - MacGyver Challenge
7/31/2017 - 9/25/17 - Outdoor Cooking Contest
8/7/2017 - 10/2/17 - Make It Move Contest

*All contests subject to change.

Please leave suggestions for prizes here.
You can also leave suggestions about contests here.
Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!


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Hello I just published my first Instructables and wanted to put it in the "First time author contest".

Sadly I didn't go through the right path to publish my project and now I can not register anymore. Is there a way for me to still be in it,

Thanks in advance,



You may enter contests directly from each specific contest page. Please go here https://www.instructables.com/contest/fta2017/ and hit the button that says "Enter Now!"

A window will open that will show your Instructables that are eligible to be submitted to the contest.

Once the contest team allows your Instructable into the contest, you should receive a confirmation email. Best of luck! :)

Hello, Thanks for your quick reply,

but I believe I must be doing something wrong. When I press enter now it just offers me to create a new instructables (I will attach a screenshot), I can not find where to register my existing one.

Sorry I'm new here and still a little bit lost :)

screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/2Xk3dNa.png

AH! That appears to be a bug - you should typically see any of your Instructables that are eligible show up there. And yours is clearly eligible for First Time Author contest. I will report this bug and it should be fixed soon.

I've gone ahead and entered your contest manually, so you should be all set.

For future reference, you may also enter contests from your actual Instructable page as well - see the panel that says "About This Instructable" and the "Contest" button at the bottom.

I didn't mention this before, but it's a second option which appears to be working correctly at this time.


Sam (seamster)

Community Manager

dalegribble24 days ago

Is homemade furniture considered as home improvement?


lglira3 days ago

Data contest: Everything about Data Science!!!

I have been asking for a Data Science Category under the Technology Category.

A list of upcoming contests is something that we all would appreciate

DEfinitely! We do!

And also leaving a comment so that I get a quick link to this post right on my profile :D

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