List of Upcoming Contests (updated 11/6/14)

Hello everyone! It was recently suggested that we should have a list of upcoming contests available on the site. This was something we used to do in our author newsletter, but now it will have a permanent place on the forums. :D

The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. Big sponsored contests also might not show up on here - sometimes it's a big time crunch at the end, so I won't be able to plan in advance. Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. We're always finding fancy new companies to supply prizes so dates are subject to change!

9/15-11/10 - Halloween Costume Contest
9/15-11/10 - Halloween Props Contest

9/15-11/10 - Halloween Decor Contest
9/15-11/10 - Halloween Food Contest
9/22-10/13 - Uppermost Chef: Apples Challenge
9/22-10/20 - Winterize Challenge
10/6/-11/17 - Super Heros and Super Villains
10/13-11/3 - Pumpkin Challenge
10/27-11/17 - First Time Author Challenge
11/3-1/5 - Wood Contest
11/10-12/1 - Butter Challenge
11/10-1/5 - Winter Wearables
11/17-1/12 - Indoor Gardening Contest

11/24-1/19 - Papercraft
12/1-1/5 - Dessert Contest
12/1-1/12 - Holiday Gift Contest

12/8-1/5 - Mason Jar Challenge
12/15-1/5 - Minecraft Challenge
12/22-1/12 - Crock Pot Challenge
12/29-1/19 - Paracord Challenge

*It will be a little while until we update this, but don't worry!  Contests will continue!

Please leave suggestions for prizes here.
You can also leave suggestions about contests here.
Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!


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Will crepe paper, tissue paper and card paper be considered as paper?

I don't see why not. They're all types of paper and there were at least a few entries that were cardboard last year. It may not be the type of thing people are looking for when voting, since all the winners last year were more typical paper. I would assume they would be admissible, though. The contest moderators are of course the final word.

I have a fire project and it needs aluminum foil to stop the paper from burning, will it be allowed?

Yup, those will all be included! We will even have a special judges prize for cardboard!

Wow! Sounds great!

I have a fire project and it needs aluminum foil to stop the paper from burning, will it be allowed?

Renard_Bleu6 hours ago

Will the Christmas contest be open to instructables published prior to the release date (i.e. Now)?

Usually only the Halloween contests allow for entries made before the official contest posting is up. For any new contests, save publishing your project till after the announcement, if you already published, then make something else to enter when the time comes. Good luck.

enelson85 days ago

the tech it contest seems to be running behind or hasn't updated yet, does anyone know anything about that?

And I also think that some type of "hack an rc vehicle" contest would be interesting

It's a sponsored contest that got 600 entrants, that unfortunately can take a while to sift through. But it will update eventually as soon as the sponsor is 110% sure of who they're picking.
I agree the hacking an rc vehicle would be fun, I'd love to see what our community would come up with.

Any word on the little bits tech contest?

Yup... They got about 600 (!!!) Entries

Will they announce the results today????

Depending on the status of the judges it *may* be *up to* 2 weeks late on the announcement.

SparkySolar12 days ago

Thank you, for accpting my Puking Pumpkin into the contest. This was my first Contest, and I had a lot of fun.

I also learned a lot.

I bought a lot of things tools projects for Christmas

and I love to prepare forthe season

SparkySolar12 days ago

Thank you, for accpting my Puking Pumpkin into the contest. This was my first Contest, and I had a lot of fun.

I also learned a lot.

I bought a lot of things tools projects for Christmas

and I love to prepare forthe season

vanweb1 month ago

Any word on contests around Christmas? Toys / Gifts etc? I have more time then and also have a special person that needs gifts.. Sometimes the contest inspire me with ideas!

There will be a special judges prize for a toy in the wood contest :)

So there will not be a gift contest this year? :-(

No gift contest, sorry, but we think that entries that would normally be entered into that contest will be able to be entered into other contests that we have going on :)

Glad they changed their mind! I now see a gift contest listed!! Yay!

Yup, it turns out a lot of people wanted it :)

Yay, you finally cleared the list!

pucksurfer1 month ago

I feel like the first time author contest is just going to be a bunch of current members, creating a new or temporary account, and posting an instructable, with very few first time authors.

jessyratfink (author)  pucksurfer1 month ago

It will definitely be a challenge, but rest assured we have lots of ways to check for cheaters. :D

I don't envy Danger having to pick finalists for that contest - it's gonna be tough!!

I have encouraged my children also to join and post instructables. Months back, my youngest daughter, whose profile is , entered an instructable to a contest but it was not accepted, may be because she posted it from my system (same IP address). Now she is no longer willing to post any instructables and says she is not interested, even though she got her own system now. May be a pm from your end make change her mind

Nice point do Instructables filter by IP if so its wrong. If you use a router and fire wall then you can have any nu her of computers on your side of the wall, yet the the internet will only see a single IP, that held by the router. Filtering by IP would only ever look like single computers.

I don't think I know of anymore new diyers ;-) I've introduced more than 10 members to instructables and of them 6 have put up instructables. The others even though they have enormous talent simply can't take up the challenge of writing an instructably!

Awesome! My sister and her boyfriend are going to make an Instructable and I was worried that the staff might think I was cheating by making another account because we share the same address.

While I had my doubts about that let's not forget that it's only a challenge with a rather serious competition already, so while you can go out of your way by connecting via VPN to hide your IP and then do some trickery with addresses upon winning, it's not really worth it. But I guess we and even more the staff will eventually see how that goes and if it's a good tactic for getting fresh users.

After a couple years of making instructables I finally got my best friend to make one! She's a comic book artist and illustrator and when I told her about the Heroes and Villains contest she decided to finally get involved. It will be her first one, so she'll be entering the first time author contest as well.

You're not terribly paranoid to worry about this, but most people really are honest. Besides, winners never cheat and cheaters never win.

Exactly, that was my very first thought.

My second thought was to get my siblings and parents to create accounts and I would post the projects on them.

There is no real foolproof way of moderating something like this.

Having said that, I am encouraging my brother to join and start publishing his work.

HUKBMBEAR14 days ago

You have had the design a decoration competition....which is restricted to the US which is very restrictive.. How about having a specific Christmas decor or decoration Making contest open to all


RJM200116 days ago

Has the 5 been cancled?

JM1999 RJM200116 days ago

I sure hope not!

If it is cancelled I would like to know so I can post my entry for it sooner than later (I don't want to have high hopes let down).

What about a music related contest? Maybe where we can enter stuff like guitar amps, metronomes, recording and audio equipment etc...

We are planning a music contest for sometime next year :)

shazni20 days ago

Enchanted contest - I'm confused about this. Any fairytale thyme is okay or does it have to use what you say as 'spark'??

wood contest - US only or are other countries eligible ? is the sponsor for this contest, the entries we are looking for take a mythical object from science fiction, mythology, fantasy, literature, video games, cartoons, etc. and turn them into a physical good.

The judges of this contest will favor objects that have technology embedded in them, but it is not necessary to be eligible for the contest.




One more question- The wood contest does not mention if its for US ONLY..or orif it's for other countries as well. So which is it to be?? :-)

BrittLiv19 days ago

Is there any chance to let the enchanted objects and the 5 contest overlap more? I think those two go really well together.

JM199919 days ago

Am I missing something or is the Minecraft challenge gone?

And are the rules of Gamelife5 going to be the same as the others?

We decided to turn the minecraft challenge into a whole contest and include other video games as well :)

It is the game.life5 contest now?

If so there should be a judges prize for the best minecraft entry.

Attmos19 days ago

Is the Enchanted Object contest focused mainly on electronic entries?

Nope! If you build a harry potter wand that doesnt light up, make noise, or emit a projection-mapped patronus, its still totally elligible!

ibenkos28 days ago

If I winn an contest do I have to pay the shipping?

jessyratfink (author)  ibenkos28 days ago

We pay for shipping! However, if you live outside the US, you might need to pay customs, VAT or other fees upon delivery. It varies quite a bit.

In the US, you should only have to pay taxes on your winnings if it totals $600 or more.

Can we just pay the tax to Sponsor ( to claim the prize? In our country (Indonesia) tax is paid by Contest Sponsor to the government, and we pay to sponsor upon claiming the prize.

It is said in the forum that we can enter the contest as long as we have friends on eligible countries for delivery, but it still leave me question about where to pay the tax, to US government or to Winner's government?

The tax will be import duty, so payable to your own government.

After we pay the import duty, does it means that the prize can be sent directly to our address although it is not listed in the eligible countries? Sorry for asking too much, just prepare myself to be winner in a contest someday :D and also knowledge to the others of course, because there are a lot of US outsiders in this community :)

I am addicted to this site. So many ideas out there to create cool stuffs and helpful stuffs for our daily activities. Thanks to i-Bles gathering all DIYers/Makers throughout the world.

No, it still has to go to an eligible address, then you sort out delivery to your address between you.

Thank you so much Kiteman. See that you have collected a lot of medals. I might need your help and address one day ;)

Oh ok, I live in Norway so if i win 1 prize it will be realy expensive!
vanweb25 days ago

Any chance of getting the Butter & the Dessert contest to overlap more? Everyone knows butter makes dessert even better!

LD_P1 month ago

Any chance of this list being updated for upcoming contests further into December and January and such? I'd love to start thinking about potential entries that I can make in my university holidays. :)

We are hoping to have more contests posted over the next week or so :)

Thank you! I'm so excited. :)
JM1999 LD_P1 month ago

That would be great.

It seems all the competitions aren't on there - my assertion based on the non-predicted make it glow contest that started the other day.

jessyratfink (author)  JM19991 month ago

We rarely post the sponsored/sold contests beforehand because they are subject to loads of changes since we're working with other large companies. Most everything else will end up on this list, though. :D

OK, that is fine, I am super happy the make it glow contest coincides with the papercraft contest!

jessyratfink (author)  LD_P1 month ago

This is all the team has planned so far - Danger should update it when they've got more scheduled!

DIYWEAPONS29 days ago

How many instructables can I enter into a single contest?

You can enter as many as you like, but you can only win with one. If you had more than one end up in the top with votes, the Instructables team would list only the one with the most votes as a finalist. I currently have two in the leather contest and am currently working on two more, so hopefully by the end of the contest I will have four ibles in one contest.

Thanks I pretty much thought that would be the case but I thought I should check as I am hoping to have at least 10 ibles in the minecraft contest which starts in December.
JM19991 month ago

Make it glow is back, YAY!!!!!

My entry will appear at the opening of the papercraft contest, I have been planning it for a month now!

mikael bl1 month ago

can we do paitions to bring back canceled contests for example have 500 members sign something to bring back canceled contests.

Some contests got cancelled because sponsors fell through, but others we just had to postpone. We can only run a limited number of contests at a time due to time and budgetary constraints but we always love to hear from authors! If you have any contests suggestions you can post them here

DIYWEAPONS1 month ago

When will the next hunter gather-great outdoors-outdoor survival type contest be??

Probably not until next year. We have the contest schedule pretty well planned through the end of this year right now.

All right, thanks for letting me know
vanweb1 month ago

Any word on contests around Christmas? Toys / Gifts etc? I have more time then and also have a special person that needs gifts.. Sometimes the contest inspire me with ideas!

Alternative therapy contest?

DIYWEAPONS1 month ago

Will there be a pocket sized, minature or any kind of small things themed contest any time soon?

We have something like this on the list for the future!

Thanks, i had better get thinking for a new project.

That would be interesting!

AnnaW21 month ago

Are These Contests In 2014 or 2015? Or Did I Miss Them?

JM1999 AnnaW21 month ago

All these contests are 2014.

I'm sure the list will be updated soon to display 2015 contests though.

The only ones on this list that haven't been run yet are the following:

October 6th through November 17th - Super Heros and Super Villains
October 13th through November 3rd - Pumpkin Challenge
November 3rd through January 5th - Wood Contest
November 10th through December 1st - Butter Challenge
November 10th through January 5th - Winter Wearables
November 10th through December 22nd - Papercraft
November 17th through January 12th - Indoor Gardening Contest
November 17th through December 8th - Minecraft Challenge
December 1st through December 29th - Dessert Challenge

The butter challenge will be exciting ;D. Can't wait to see the projects everyone makes!

lindarose921 month ago

Can we also enter projects made with artificial leather in the new Leather Goods Contest?

Yes, faux leather is allowed! :)

Good to know :) Thanks!

Neat, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that don't have access to real leather.

That is a really good point!

I'm glad you brought it up.

shazni1 month ago

I think the Hand tools contests is excellent as most people don't have CNC, lazers , bandsaws on such. So the regular person can actually try most of these projects. Thanks for putting this up instructables :-)

Yes, it has been a huge success and it's been so cool to see what everyone has made without CNC tools. It's incredible!

DIYWEAPONS2 months ago
(removed by author or community request)

We had to postpone it, but we will have a rubber band challenge sometime in the future!

I'm working on a good one and got worried also. Can't wait!

Cool, looking forward to seeing what you make :)

JM19992 months ago

YAY! apples!

an wood and paper craft...

So happy about the apples, I will get to publish my 7 Instructables now!!

On the downside, I just made my favorite paper craft :(

Can't wait to see what you made with apples!

I wouldn't be too excited, I only think one of the projects will be feature worthy.

JM1999 JM19992 months ago

Change that, I don't think any of them are feature worthy !:(

The one in mind was the apple mouth that I posted.

BrittLiv2 months ago

So there is no toy contest this year? :-(

The wood contest will probably have a judges' prize for wooden toys also :)

Cool, sounds fun!

JM1999 BrittLiv2 months ago

They had knex, lego and woodworking contests instead.

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