List of Upcoming Contests (updated 5/18/15)

Hello everyone! It was recently suggested that we should have a list of upcoming contests available on the site. This was something we used to do in our author newsletter, but now it will have a permanent place on the forums. :D

The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. Big sponsored contests also might not show up on here - sometimes it's a big time crunch at the end, so I won't be able to plan in advance. Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. We're always finding fancy new companies to supply prizes so dates are subject to change!

3/30-6/22 - 3D Design Contest
4/6-6/1 - Crafting 101
4/13-5/25 - K'NEX Contest
4/20-6/1 - Backyard Contest
5/4-6/15 - Hiding Places
5/4-5/25 - Duct Tape Challenge
5/11-6/1 - Things That Fly Challenge
5/11-6/22 - Meat Contest
5/18-6/29 - Reuse Contest
5/18-6/29 - Home Automation

5/18-6/29 - Outdoor Cooking Contest
5/25-6/22 - Pizza Challenge
5/25-7/6- Bedroom Contest
5/25-7/6 - Creative Market Contest
6/1-7/13 - Pallet Contest
6/1-7/13 - Rainbow Contest
6/8-7/6 - Unusual Uses Challenge
6/8-8/31 - Outside Contest
6/8-8/3 - Metal Contest
6/15-7/27 - Makeover Contest
6/15-7/13 - PVC Challenge
6/15-7/13 - Clay Challenge
6/22-8/3 - Hair and Makeup Contest
6/22-7/20 - Oil and Vinegar Challenge
6/29-7/20 - Photography Tips and Tricks Challenge
7/6-8/24 - Fandom Contest
7/6-8/10 - Summer Fun Contest
7/13-8/17 - Travel Tips Contest
9/21-11/2 - Leatherworking Contest (sponsored by Tandy Leather)

*All contests subject to change.

Please leave suggestions for prizes here.
You can also leave suggestions about contests here.
Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!


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Any idea when will the finalists of coded creations contest be announced?

Normally, contest finalists are revealed on Tuesdays, but the Coded Creations Contest is sponsored. Sponsored contests can take 2-3 weeks longer to close. You'll just have to be patient.

Oh, got that. Thanks.

I'm waiting for the metal contest!

I have an idea :)


i get the dates now it is 5/4 to 5/25

shazni2 days ago

Other than just printing images from the computer what exactly are you looking for in the 'Graphic Design Contest'? I'm kind of confused about it. Is it that you require us to design images using existing images?? please help.

fabloom8 days ago

when is the clay challenge ? i couldnt understand the date

It's opens the 15th of June and closes the 13th of July.

It might be time to start writing this list differently for the sake of our non-US friends. It seems many can't figure out how to read The dates.

A single line explaining the date format above the list and the issue is gone. :)

But really, it's not that much of an issue to find a date which makes sense and work from there or cross check the dates with running contests.

I know what I will be working on the next couple of months

M3G5 days ago

Unusual Uses Contest, that sounds interesting!

aru122957 days ago

What are the main objectives of the rainbow contest, bedroom contest and creative market contest?

Yup, the Bedroom Contest is anything for your bedroom! The Rainbow Contest is open to anything that utilizes color as a main element of the project-it's very open ended :)


the bedroom contest would probably about making stuff for a bedroom

So excited about Travel Tips Contest! Thanks for this one!

On another note though, shouldn't the outdated contests be removed from this list when it gets updated? It is a topic about upcoming contests after all.

Good idea! I'll update it and take out the old contests that are over!

Okay, I have a question about the "outside" contest. Is that similar to the "backyard" contest, or will you be looking for a different kind of project for it?

I'm asking because I had an entry in mind for the backyard contest but have had too many interruptions and have not been able to get it done. I was going to try to rush it to get it in, but if I could save it for later.....

The Outside Contest is more aimed at camping type of projects, but anything outdoors related will be eligible!

Thanks. I realized that after I asked the question. I doubt I'll have much worth entering anyway. There just aren't enough hours in the day. But I'll do what I can. :)

You'll probably get away with it - if a project is borderline suitable, they tend to err on the side of generosity and let it in.

Thanks Kiteman, though that wasn't really my question. I don't believe in entering anything that doesn't fit the theme of the contest, and I am not trying to get away with anything. Just wondering, since "outside" is a pretty broad term, if anything goes or if there is a more specific part of "outside" that is going to be focused on...

I don't really know what I mean. With my luck I won't get the chance to do anything anyway.

Corinbw2 months ago

I am heavily confused because this page does not make any sense. I do not want to wait until 2026 for the superfood challenge. None of the dates make any sense like 1/5-1/26. what does that mean anyway? idk maybe my computer is really messed up. if im the only one i will shut up.

LOL Good to know I'm not the only one who found it a little confusing at first. I was especially confused by the closed contests that are left on the list, making it look like they are upcoming contests for next year or something. And when there are a lot of overlapping dates for different contests it gets a little hard to sort them out. But then maybe that's just me.

jessyratfink (author)  Corinbw2 months ago

They're just standard dates, from the beginning of the 2015.

That would be January 5 - January 26, 2015. It's just easier for us to write them shorthand since there's a lot of info up there. :)

oh my goodness thank you... That is soo nice to know I finally understand the cryptic upcoming contests page

You think you've got trouble ?;¬)

In the UK (and most of the rest of the world) we read the day/month the other way around so we'd write the list as :

16/3-6/4 - Spring Cleaning Challenge
23/3-13/4 - Bike Contest
30/3-22/6 3D Design Contest
30/3-11/5 - Bacon Contest
6/4-27/4 - Snacks Challenge
6/4-1/6 - Crafting 101

i am happy to see this. I also had the lack of initial understanding. all is clear now.

violingirl20 days ago

When will the next 3D printing contest be?

Never mind, I thought the current 3D printing contest was closed because you could vote.

Raitis24 days ago

I could swear I saw reuse contest in this list scheduled for April 13th for a short period a while ago. :D

Other than that, the list is huge, thanks for all the work making it happen!

There's a reuse contest on May 18th!

I see and am very excited about it, just shared my observation from some time around the mid-March I think. Wayback machine doesn't have a snapshot unfortunately. (:

PinkBandar1 month ago

today is 27th may and they hav'nt launched the earring challenge yet.Are the cancelling it?

It's launched!

it is 26th April in USA... wait

www1391 month ago

are you going to have the rods and connectors contest this year? later? in summer?

We are having the K'NEX Contest instead of the Rods and Connectors contest this year!

That's too bad. We were expecting to have the contest in summer and so we haven't finished our ball machine yet. Dang.

You can always make something smaller, or publish a work in progress :)

yeah, good idea! Maybe we'll do that!! :D

Kona-chan1 month ago

oewh hiding places, the art of steath eh?

yeh I can do something with that

Would ear cuffs be eligible for the earring challenge?


Attmos Kiteman1 month ago

LOL, no, seriously, I'm laughing out loud!

Raitis Kiteman1 month ago

As a non-jewellery person this was pretty similar to what I thought about when hearing "ear cuffs"

I'm pretty sure anything that attaches to the ear would be allowed.

Hiding it.

antoniraj1 month ago

Glitter Challenge does not have any description

Now it has...

allie.fauer1 month ago

For the Pi contest, is any tech project acceptable or does it have to use a Raspberry Pi? If any tech project is acceptable, will those completed using a Raspberry Pi be favored?

Any pie themed project or project involving a microcontroller is eligible :)


There isn't much room for preferential treatment pre-finalists. When someone likes a project, they tend to vote for it regardless of how well it fits the contest. Once finalists are revealed and they enter judging, the contest description comes into play a bit more. There are many things a judge considers when scoring a finalist. How well it fits the contest is a consideration, albeit a small one in my opinion. It may make the difference between winning first or grand. Also keep in mind the contest is ultimately about Pi day and not Rasberry Pi.

Vyger1 month ago

Is a beverage considered a snack food for the snack contest?


Any word on that 3D Design contest that was supposed to start yesterday?

It's posted! We had a few last minute details that needed to be ironed out, but anything published since Monday is still eligible!

Corinbw1 month ago

will the 3D design contest be up today sometime?

It's launched! We had a few last minute details that needed to be ironed out, but anything published since Monday is still eligible!

goldlego1 month ago

Will there be a LEGO contest to correspond with upcoming K'NEX contest?

The LEGO contest usually runs in the summer.

MissionSRX2 months ago

Are there any updates for the Burn It! contest?

The Burn it contest is gone I cant find it I wonder what is happening?

There's a minor bug that means contests sometimes disappear from view while the finalists are being judged, but the direct link still works:

Does anyone know when the winners for the CNC contest will be announced? I'm excited for it.

They are announced now!

Yeah I saw that.

Actually, there might be a small delay with that contest, but we hope to be able to announce winners later this week!

Not_Tasha2 months ago

The contest description for Pranks isn't up

Should be up now! Sometimes updates take a while when we change things on contest pages. Thanks for catching that!

Tcdevine2 months ago

I think it would be good idea to have a contest where you have to use Velcro. There are so many uses and I bet some of the members would be very creative.

That is a really, really good idea. I hope they do that!

JudeM12 months ago

A possibly good idea might be to have a trick contest where you enter how to do cool tricks on say diabolo or yoyo (or on anything that you can do tricks with) and best trick tutorial wins?

Raitis JudeM12 months ago

Or someone who gets the most people to learn it and show wins. :D

Not_Tasha2 months ago

There isn't a description/directions for the How to Play ____ contest.

"Card games, board games, and video games all have one thing in common -- you have to play by the rules if you want to win. Tell us how you interpret those rules and enter the How to Play ____ Challenge!"

The first entry is a 3D printed NES, so I think this description is loose. Any game related instructable accepted?

Yeah, anything game related, but we are especially looking for instructables explaining rules to popular games.

Teisha3 months ago

Just throwing this out there - I think it'd be awesome to have a "second chance" contest, where users can submit older projects that they previously made. It'd also be an interesting way to showcase some of the "very best" 'ibles...

It sounds a lot like the Remix contest from not that long ago. In fact, I think you could have easily entered a remix of one of your own ibles in that contest if you wanted to. That being said, the Remix Contest was totally fun and I'd love to see it pop up again.

Teisha Teisha3 months ago

Thinking about it some more - maybe it'd be good to limit it to 'ibles that haven't won a contest before? There'd definitely need to be some restrictions to keep it from being a 20,000+ entry lottery :)

starforest Teisha2 months ago

You are right. But for this sort of contest there will need to be a lot more limits then the instructables that have not won contests. There would be still a really lot of instructables that could enter.

Attmos Teisha2 months ago

Maybe limit it to instructables that have accumulated less than a certain number of views.

That's a fun idea! I'll see if there's a way we can swing it

20,000 entries later "let's make it a lottery" :)

Attmos makendo2 months ago

Good point.

Attmos Teisha3 months ago

That's an awesome idea.

M3G Teisha3 months ago

That's a really cool idea!

Love this idea

ivver2 months ago

How about contest about walking robots (hexapod, octopod, etc.. ) ?

k00lk0der4 months ago

Is there a raspberry pi contest in this year

Yes! In honor of pie day :)

What are the prizes

Maybe Raspberry Pi 2!

You'll have to wait and see! I can say though, we have a great prize provider :)

M3G3 months ago

Guerilla design, now THAT sounds interesting... What's that contest going to be about?

Basically re-use types of things :)

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