List of Upcoming Contests (updated 7/18/14)

Hello everyone! It was recently suggested that we should have a list of upcoming contests available on the site. This was something we used to do in our author newsletter, but now it will have a permanent place on the forums. :D

The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. Big sponsored contests also might not show up on here - sometimes it's a big time crunch at the end, so I won't be able to plan in advance. Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. We're always finding fancy new companies to supply prizes so dates are subject to change!

3/31 - 5/26 - Jewelry Contest
3/31 - 4/28 - Egg Contest (egg food and crafts and egg-themed Easter stuff)
4/7 - 5/30 - Green Electronic Challenge (reusing and remaking old, broken and outdated electronics/technology)
4/7 - 6/2 - Gadget Hacking and Accessories Contest
4/21 - 5/19 - Outdoor Survival Contest
4/28 - 5/26 - Raw Food Contest
4/28 - 6/23 - Wedding Contest
5/5 - 6/30 - Green Design (put your reuse projects in here!!)
5/5 - 6/30 - Launch It! Contest
5/5 - 6/30 - Made By Bees Contest (sponsored by Earthjustice)
5/12 - 7/7 - Wheels Contest (bikes will be included here)
5/12 - 6/23 - Leatherworking Contest
5/19 - 7/14 - Pallet Contest
6/2 - 8/25 - Great Outdoors Contest 
6/2 - 8/25 - Hurricane Lasers Contest CANCELLED! Sorry guys, they never followed up.
6/2 - 7/7 - BBQ Contest
6/9 - 9/1 - Epilog 6 Contest (open to anything, win a laser cutter!)
6/9 - 7/21 - Glue Contest (we'll have another one of these coming up, so this one got shortened)
6/9 - 7/25 - Concrete and Casting Contest
6/16 - 7/28 - Hair & Makeup Contest
6/30 - 8/11 - Toy Building Blocks Contest (Lego)
6/30 - 8/11 - Toy Rods and Connectors Contest (K'Nex)
7/7 - 8/4 - Frozen Treats
7/7 - 8/4 - Vintage Contest 
7/14-8/4 - Featured Author Contest: DeandrasCrafts (theme: yarn and thread, needle and hook work, but no sewing!)
8/4-9/15 - Ferrous Chef: Watermelon 
8/11-9/1 - Featured Author Contest: bricobart (theme: beer!)
8/11-9/22 - Hand Tools
8/18-10/13 - Remix! (Do your own spin on an existing Instructable!)
8/25-9/8  - Hunter-Gatherer
8/25-10/6 - DIY University (Dorm Hacks)
9/1-10/13 - Age of Aquariums
9/8-10/20 - Zip It Good! Contest
9/15-11/10 - Halloween Costume Contest
9/15-11/10 - Halloween Props Contest

9/15-11/10 - Halloween Decor Contest
9/15-11/10 - Halloween Food Contest

*subject to change

Please leave suggestions for prizes here.
You can also leave suggestions about contests here.
Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!


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lindarose921 month ago

I'm so excited about your own contest Jessy, I love the theme!! Does the entry need to be about both cats and embroidery at once, or it can be about one only?

jessyratfink (author)  lindarose921 month ago

Either/or! Though the judges' prize will be for entries that combine embroidery and cats :D

Did you guys cancel this contest??? I have been working on something. Sure hope it is still on! I was excited like Linda because it was yours!


Sorry, it looks like we aren't going to be running Jessy's contest when we thought we would. We should have other fiber arts contests coming up though, so sit tight! :)

Thanks Danger,

I hope Jessy can do the contest later on. I totally understand that this list is not in stone and the list will change along the way. I do appreciate the list in advance because I have noticed there haven't been a lot of cancelled contest and it does benefit all of us to know in advance whats coming up. Thanks for the list!


I know, I try to announce things as far in advance as I can and hopefully after this Thursday I'll be able to update the list again!

What happened to the apple contest?

I have 7 instructables waiting to be posted and I can't see the contest anymore:(

Oh :O Please don't cancel it!!

Great! I've been working on a cat project so that contest will be perfect for it :D I can't wait!

I've got a lot of projects about cats, having a 4 months old kitty! Please, do this contest!

JB119519 days ago

There should be a contest just for making props.Like prop swords,prop guns,or just anything prop related........Thoughts?

We have a Halloween props contest that launched today! Any instructable published since the last Halloween contest is eligible!

Triclaw JB119519 days ago

check the Halloween contest

Any clue as to when the next jewelry contest will be?

I don't have a date yet, but I'll keep it on our list of ideas!

I just saw the wear it contest! That will work for now. Thanks

Great, looking forward to seeing your entries!

what criteria do you judge these projects on

There's some good info in the Contest FAQ

Hope that helps!

Mo0k13 days ago

Why Rubber Band Contest marked as "*subject to change"?
Love this contest.

Don't worry, it's not changing!

Lena1415 days ago

rubber band contest yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jazzmyn22 days ago

there should be a duck tape contest! And the judges Prize should be using one full roll of duct tape or a project made solely of duck tape!

mile stone28 days ago

Does the current contest "FEATURED AUTHOR CONTEST: BRICOBART" include wine making?

isn't the number of technology related contests a little less now? I was hoping for more...

We still have a bunch of tech contests, but they are sponsored contests so details are still getting worked out and they aren't on this list yet. Don't worry, there are some good ones coming up :)

OMG there definitely is a good contest - the little bits tech contest. Its just downright awesome! Thanks for conducting such a terrific contest!!! :D

You're welcome! We do our best!

Hello when will the next youth contest be?

So is the Band Contest a looming contest or what?

It will be anything that involves rubber bands, so yes, rainbow loom projects will be included.

Thank you! Can't even wait!=)

What can you enter for the hand tools contest?

Are watermelon recipes without chervil eligible for the current ferrous chef watermelon contest? Chervil leaves are quite rarely available in my area.

jessyratfink (author)  Passion Make1 month ago

Yes! The chervil is only necessary to win the judges' prize. :)

Wow :) That's a good news. Thank you.

sabu.dawdy1 month ago

there should be a chia seed contest.

sabu.dawdy1 month ago

halo halo a dessert of frozen treat contest. this is a fhillipino dish how ever i was not sure wether it was rejected or i didn't entered it

squidcraft1 month ago

bacon contest............BACON 4 DAYS

Not clear about the hunter-gatherer and rubber band contest, though the hunter-gatherer contest sounds awesome!

I hope Emily comes up with a bracelet contest!

Kiteman1 month ago

Is the "hand tools" focused on making things without using power tools, or on making tools?

Hand tools can be electric tools, but nothing CNC or laser cut or 3D printed. We are still working out the official rules.

Cool. I'd guess nothing with a stand, either, like a band saw or a tower drill, to keep things well within the common maker and their shed?

Good point! Also, we are picking prizes for it now, so if anyone has any ideas for prizes they would like to see we would love to hear them!

Hope it's not tooooo late. I've made loads of suggestions now in the prize suggestions link. Some of the smaller items can be given for the runner up prizes. I KNOW I find heavy duty staplers very useful. So I assume others would too. Oh I forgot to add Scroll saw! Very important to ME lol. ;-)

I was more concerned with the "Made with Kids". Recipes or Trophy Head Statues?

that is a Modest Propesal

shazni2 months ago

When is the next list of up coming contests coming up??

Up now!

mrandle shazni2 months ago

+1 would like to see what is next.

vishalapr mrandle2 months ago

+2 Cant wait to see more awesome contests coming up here!

doodlecraft1 month ago

Love the updated list! These contests get me through the year! :) haha

shazni2 months ago

Here I was all excited that a scroll saw was offered for the paint contest (even though it was aiming for the sky :●] ).... then I find Iit's US ONLY!!!

Ahhhhh whyyy?

Please is it possible to have an international contest where a scroll saw is offered somewhere among the runner ups??

Pretty plese

Mojo_JoJo shazni2 months ago

ditto the excitement and disappointment..... BUT
if you live outside the US you still get the 110V AC versions of the prizes AND
sometimes the sponsors do not manufacture any model other than 110V US ones so there is nothing instructables can do ?!

sabu.dawdy2 months ago

1.are lava cakes with ice cream considered as frozen treats?

2. if we used brownie and ice cream ?? like a sandwich? would it be a frozen treat?

sabu.dawdy2 months ago

1.are lava cakes with ice cream considered as frozen treats?

2. if we used brownie and ice cream ?? like a sandwich? would it be a frozen treat?

Hey Jess,

Love to see a contest for movie props. You know, things like light sabres, the gun Harrison Ford uses in Blade Runner, a monolith from 2001!,

I agree with shazni, why not? It would be great

sunshiine2 months ago

Question regarding the contest where the judging ends July 3rd. Will the finalist be listed next week because of the holiday? Thanks for all your hard work!


jessyratfink (author)  sunshiine2 months ago

Yep! I'll be working early on the 4th to get finalists posted and judging will go on as normal. :)

I hope your 4th brings you extra coruscation for your hard work :) Thanks Jessy!


CarterBond2 months ago

For the building blocks contest could we use a Lego Mindstorm?

The parts have studs on, so I'd say "yes".


stevemoseley2 months ago

Is this list going to be updated again? We are almost to the bottom of it.

DIYWEAPONS2 months ago

desktop helpers contest would be great

bricobart3 months ago

Hi Jess! I just want to propose a new contest idea ;) What do you think about a 'collaborations contest'? I've seen very few collaborations - in fact, I've seen none - and it would be great to open a contest for teams. Member A could do a collaboration-proposal to member B to build something crazy. For example a woodworker working with an electronic guy or a musician, whatever. Yes it would give some logistic challenges, sending unfinished stuff to maybe the other side of the world and then to Pier 9 (for example), yes it would need to be over a long time period but yes it would create or reinforce cohesion between members.

Who's in? I'm in!!!

ASCAS bricobart2 months ago

Count me in! Who doesn't love collaborations? :D

Kiteman ASCAS2 months ago

Collaborations are a great idea, but they are very hard to sort out. I've recently helped out with one*, and even though there were only two people involved, and less than four hours drive between us, it was hard work getting together.

Lots of emails were involved, and a rendevous in the rain.


bricobart Kiteman2 months ago

I missed that one, but I love the idea! It would have helped me a lot, at the time... But, at that particular time cell phones were just a dream, and thus I totally lost my tent and fell asleep under a table... Baaad bad hangover! ;)

I agree, logistic probs will be a problem, but in every problem lies a challenge. I'm convinced we could see awesome creations!

ASCAS Kiteman2 months ago

My former classmate and I had the same problem. We both did the same thing, e-mailing. It also took us hours to finish a write-up (Poorman's Flash). Months after my first collab another friend of mine encouraged me to do another collab (Make A Solar Bluetooth Speaker), this time with the help of Facebook. The chat and group feature of FB blended perfectly with instructable's collab feature. I know it's a bad idea to use FB to exchange ideas with strangers but I do think that it would be good to have a new (FB-less) social collaboration feature in ibles. I keep on dreaming of this UI (literally). Sorry, I guess my idea is too ambitious, I'll stop from here :)

Kiteman ASCAS2 months ago

No, the development team always welcome good ideas. You could put all your ideas into a Feedback forum topic, see if other folk agree.

ASCAS Kiteman2 months ago

Oh cool. Thanks!

bricobart ASCAS2 months ago

Thàt's the spirit, thanx friend!

who said they had to be far away? I have plenty of friends and neighbors who would happily pitch in

Cool, thanx mate!

Dude, this is great! I'd be definitely in, too :D

That's great, thanx!

Constructed3 months ago

How about a Wearable Technology contest?

makershaker053 months ago

Do you guys have a hydraulics contest because if not you should make one. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!

and a weapons contest

they did have a survival contest, if that's what you want

sabu.dawdy3 months ago

how many Pakistani are on Instructables? Because i really wonder why Pakistan is not in the entries.

I'm no expert, but I guess it is because the guys at instructables cannot afford covering too many countries, so they try choosing countries with bigger populations.

If it will help, India is one country on the list

Schawately3 months ago

Toy rods and connectors contest....being fairly new here, by toy rods do you mean toy hotrods? I've been making these out of wood for years and have lots of new ideas I'd love to enter!

Toys and Rods refers to K'Nex

sabu.dawdy3 months ago

how many Pakistani are on Instructables? Because i really wonder why Pakistan is not in the entries.

deba1683 months ago

I have entered my project (cardboard solar lamp)for lamp and lighting competition 4 days earlier still it was not showing .

Yesterday when I was tried to reenter it show me already enter need approval. But till now it is not accepted. Is my project is not eligible for this competition?? :(

jessyratfink (author)  deba1683 months ago

That one is only open to entries in the US, actually, so you won't be able to enter! I'm not moderating that contest, but I know that the person doing it is going through each entry to check eligibility, so that could explain the delay in finding out.

Oops done a blunder mistake...

Now I am not able to enter the upcoming glue contest also :( :(

Why not glue contest? Is it for US Residents only ?


But I have already published..

To participate in any competition I think it should be published after the start date.

Oh...right. Now you have to make another project :D

MooMeat423 months ago

I went to the Hurricane Lasers site and it redirected me to Full Spectrum Lasers. I guess they got bought out


I would just like to ask how & what do you judge projects on? I would enter my my mini-flashlight but i feel like it would not win. What im trying to say is do you judge on complex-ness or practical use? Or what?

Thanks (:

If you look at the official rules for the contests that you would like to enter, they usually explain judging there. Also, here are a few general guidelines and tips. Anyone can enter, never, NEVER be discouraged from entering because you do not think you will win. Any and all entries that fit the criteria for the contest are accepted. Remember, the contests are incentives to get out there build, hack, DIY, or whatever! The prizes are merely compensation for those who demonstrated this the best. If you want a shot at winning, make a well written and well documented Instructable. Someone who explains more and gives helpful tips will be more likely to win than a person who just says "make it like in the picture." Just because something is bigger or flashier than another thing doesn't mena that it will win. Have fun!

What's the glue contest about?

jessyratfink (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz3 months ago

Anything assembled with glue! It'll be a big catch-all - all kinds of projects are eligible. :D

Would epoxy count as "glue"?

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